EXCLUSIVE: Rape-accused Nithyananda Maligns India In Petition To UN; Claims Persecution

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In order to seek refugee status from the United Nations, rape-accused self-styled godman Nithyananda has maligned India in his petition to the United Nations.

Written By Pooja Prasanna | Mumbai | Updated On:

In order to seek refugee status from the UN so he can escape the Indian law enforcement agencies, rape-accused self-styled godman Nithyananda has maligned India in his petition to the United Nations. Claiming to be persecuted for following and spreading Adi Shaivite tradition, Nithyananda has vilified several political parties, religious and social organizations, linguistic groups, police force, and even the Indian courts. Republic has accessed the 46-page petition which uses provocative language against India in order to foment hate against the social, cultural, political and even legal practices of the country. 

Wild allegations against India's legal system

Using mordant terms against the India legal system, the petition claims, ‘Indian courts force the accused to undergo medical procedures where they are forcibly masturbated by third parties, forced to endure penile injections and rectal probing, and other invasive examinations’. In further insinuation, it adds, ‘India employs a barbaric practice in cases of alleged sex charges known as a “potency test” to determine whether the accused is physically capable of performing a sexual act. This manner of so-called “medical testing” is in itself a form of sexual assault and torture. Though this medical testing is characterized by authorities as a mere exam by a urologist, it is in practice an invasive and painful torture used to humiliate, degrade, and incapacitate political opponents’. 

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Unsubstantiated claims

The rape accused who is facing a dozen charges in India including kidnap, forceful confinement, torture, and sexual assault alleged that he has endured over one hundred attempts on his life over the past decade perpetrated by extremist Hindutva elements and that the police have not acted on these complaints at the behest of ruling parties. The fact is that a majority of the grievous and shameful claims made by the rape accused fraud are not substantiated with any evidence and he has only quoted some media reports in a feeble attempt to make his case. Even as the Indian police is reportedly planning to approach Interpol and issue a notice to locate controversial self-styled godman Nithyananda, he has claimed in the petition that he has been ‘repeatedly threatened with murder by “encounter” unless he confessed to false charges, a common practice in India. India is well known for so-called “encounter killings” where police kill suspects in custody’.

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Potency test performed on Nithyananda

After Nithyananda had been accused of rape on multiple occasions by a former follower and inmate of his Bidadi Ashram, he had in his defence, claimed that he was impotent and thus incapable of the nature of sexual assault he was accused of. A potency test was performed on him to check the veracity of the claim and the results showed evidence to suggest that he is incapable of performing a sexual act, thus busting his claim. Alluding to the potency test in the petition, he says ‘In connection with “unnatural sex” charges under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code brought by the BJP and RSS controlled state judiciary and police, the ASMT spiritual leader was subjected to extremely invasive medical testing that was tantamount to torture and sexual assault’.

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Nearly a dozen political parties targeted

In what seems to be a clear smear campaign against India, the rape accused has said, ‘There is a growing culture in India of violent mob lynching by hire. These attacks are typically organized by the ring leaders of extremist political elements, such as local RSS, Bajrang Dal, or DMK leaders’. Almost a dozen political parties have been targeted by Nityananda in the petition where he claims ‘there is an ‘extremist Hindutva political movement’ which is comprised of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), and Bajrang Dal (BD)’. Complainants against Nithyananda say that this petition is to seek refugee status from the UN so as to not return to India and face the charges against him. They say this is also a step taken by the rape accused in the direction of getting his ‘nation’ called ‘Kailaasa’ recognised by the UN.

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