EXCLUSIVE | Pakistan Chopper Violates India's Airspace In Poonch, Indian Army Retaliates. All Details Here

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A Pakistani Air Army chopper on Sunday violated airspace when it entered into Gulpur sector in Poonch at 12:13 pm.

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Update on October 1, 9:00 PM: Ministry Of Defence says Pak chopper was 600 metres close to Line of Control (LoC)

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Monday, October 1, 2018
          On 30 Sep 18 in noon hours, Indian Air Force radars picked up a helicopter in PoK opposite Poonch sector approaching LoC.  IAF fighter aircraft was scrambled after it had reached close to 8 kms.  Radar pick up was seen upto 600 m from LoC.  Fighter which was scrambled stayed 10 km from LoC.  In the mean time, the helicopter was also spotted visually reportedly violating Indian airspace.  Indian Army posts deployed in the area fired small arms at the Hepter.  Hepter was seen heading back towards PoK by the Army posts.  There being no further activity, the scrambled fighter aircraft landed back.

Update at 4:55 am: Exclusive: Pok Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider in the chopper after landing

A Pakistan Army chopper on Sunday violated India's airspace when it entered into Gulpur sector in Poonch at 12:13 pm. The helicopter crossed the LoC after which the Indian army fired at it, however, it managed to escape.

In a video accessed by Republic TV, the chopper is clearly seen trying to make way through the LoC. However, the Indian Army retaliated and foiled its attempt.  

The Indian Army, as well as the Airforce, has confirmed the same.

As per sources, the video is of one aircraft and there were three airspace violations including that by a fighter jet of the Pakistan airforce. 

Pakistan Government sources say it is an ‘accidental airspace violation'. The chopper was of Prime Minister AJK (PoK). After the airspace violation in the Indian airspace, it has safely landed at Kahuta area of PoK.

Likely to be a civil chopper & was flying very high. Air sentries at forward location had engaged it with small arms.

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Earlier in February, a first and exclusive picture of a Pakistan Army chopper was accessed by Republic TV. In the picture, one can clearly see the Pakistan chopper and sources confirm that it was spotted near the Line of Control (LoC). 

Seen as either a dire provocation or "inadvertent error" by Pakistan, the Pakistan Army chopper was spotted near Poonch and just 300m from the LoC.

As per agreed norms, rotary-winged aircraft aren't supposed to come within 1km of the LoC and therefore, the multiple incidents by Pakistan this morning is being seen as a serious violation that the Indian Army has taken note of.

Army sources have also told Republic TV that the Pak chopper came awfully close to the Line of Control (LoC) and then retreated. Sources have also confirmed that there was no firing or hostile action during the incident from either side.

The Pakistani chopper was a Mi-17 helicopter of the Pak Army and sources have confirmed that it was one of three helicopters that violated agreed airspace norms as decided by India and Pakistan.

The incident is believed to have occurred twice within a span of a few hours. The first incident of violation of Indian airspace occurred between 9:50 and 10:00 am and the second incident occurred around 1:30 pm on Wednesday.

The Pakistani Army and Pakistani terrorists have indulged in a string of provocations along the border in which there seems to be a close coordination between army and terror groups to facilitate infiltration into Jammu and Kashmir.

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