EXCLUSIVE | 'Rahul behaving Like A 50-year-old Child', Smriti Irani Takes A Dig At Rahul Gandhi's 'chor Comment' 

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A massive protest broke out against Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, i.e. his own political constituency after Rahul Gandhi addressed the Prime Minister as 'Chor' while hitting out at the NDA government over the Rafale deal.

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:

A massive protest broke out against Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, i.e. his own political constituency after Rahul Gandhi addressed the Prime Minister as 'Chor' while hitting out at the NDA government over the Rafale deal. Following this, Smriti Irani took a dig at Rahul Gandhi and branded him as a "50-year-old-child'for his comment.

Condemning the statement of Rahul Gandhi over Rafale targetting the Prime Minister, the Union Minister said that Rahul lacks support in his own constituency.

"The protest in Amethi is significant as it indicates that the people of Amethi don't support Rahul Gandhi's malicious campaign against the Prime Minister. The fact that they are protesting against their MP is significant as it shows that the Congress president does not have support in his own home base".

When asked about Rahul's continuous attack on PM Modi with his 'chor comment', Union Minister Irani branded Rahul Gandhi as a "50-year-old-child ": 

"I think that the statement that came out from Mr.Gandhi during his meeting with his karyakarta where he said that'Mazza aayega' reflects that he has reduced to political caricaturism is also visible in the statement to his own karyakartas. The thing is that it is extremely obnoxious that an issue which is related to the National security and issue which is related to the Air Force is used in such a childish manner by the Congress President. He sees this as an opportunity to have one up on the Prime Minister, absolutely disregarding the National Security aspect in this particular matter. The fact that Rahul Gandhi did not think twice before putting it up in Parliament, the fact that he goes to his constituency and tells his workers ke 'ab mazza aayega' is indicative that a 50-year-old-child is now the Congress President."  

Earlier on Tuesday, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that Rahul Gandhi is a 'serial lier'. Adding to his comment, Smriti Irani said:

"That he is. And I think that if somebody who is out on bail, for him to be such a critic of the Prime Minister who is known to be diligent on issues of governance and known to deliver on issues like Swaach Bharat and Ujwala Yojna is I think... Rahul Gandhi is going to an image crisis himself. I need to remind you that when he gave a call for Bharat Bandh, every establishment, every shop in Amethi was open in support of the Prime Minister. So, I think Congress President is not in the position to convince people in his own constituency. What Rahul Gandhi will find in the rest of the Country is yet to be seen."

When asked her views on Pakistan's campaign for Rahul, she said:

"Pakistan would love to know that what are the components of Rafale craft that India is to secure as this is the same state that sponsored terrorism during the 26/11 and we saw how it was utilized by terrorist across the border to give an indication and to give the command to the terrorist carrying out 26/11. So, Pakistan's hand in Rahul's politics is visible. This is something for the whole nation to take decision. The fact that Pakistan today has Ministers who proudly supports Rahul Gandhi raises the question as to why Rahul Gandhi will sacrifice National security and seek support from across the border".

"Why a weak India will interest Rahul Gandhi is the question that he can better answer? Why he would want to hang on to a controversy when every fact about it is out in the public? Only mudslinging has become the political signature of Rahul Gandhi", she added.

On Sanjay Bhandari-Robert Vadra link, Smriti Irani stated: 

"Why would Rahul Gandhi ever speak about the famous Robert Vadra? After all, there is an old Hindi proverb that 'chor ke daadi mai tinka'. Why would Rahul Gandhi speak about his famous brother-in-law and his antics? In fact, Rahul Gandhi has misused his office to even use up the land of farmers in Amethi. There is a district magistrate order to Rahul Gandhi's foundation to that land he illegally got from the farmers of Amethi. He is a leader who will not leave a single opportunity to use up the rights and lands of people in his own constituency. Madam the family is not known to come clean. The family is not known to answer the questions that are serious in nature. How can you expect a straight answer from Rahul Gandhi?"

"Rahul Gandhi did not spare Manmohan Singh when he was a Prime Minister, do you think he will spare Narendra Modi? He can spit it but the spit will fall back. When he says that 'dekho dekho mazza ayega' is not a vocabulary of a serious politician it is a vocublary of a political brat trying desperately to hold on to the dynasty", she concluded. 

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