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EXCLUSIVE: Republic TV Accesses Images Of Unexploded Mortar Shells Fired By Pakistan To Target Indian Civilians Across LoC

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

In an act of extreme cowardice, the Pakistan Army has targeted Indian civilians by firing high explosive mortar shells in its continuous ceasefire violations across the LoC. Republic TV has accessed images of the unexploded mortar shell that was used to attack civilians near Balnoi village of Krishna Ghati sector.  

The high explosive TNT shells being fired from field artillery guns.

Speaking to Republic TV about the continuous ceasefire violation from the Pakistani Army, Retired Major General S P Sinha said that there are certain factors why Pakistan wants to keep the LoC on hot point.

"It is wanting to keep the LoC hot on account of certain reasons", he said. 

  • Firstly, it wants to exert on India so that India voluntarily comes to the negotiating table, a mistake that we should never commit. 
  • In the noise of bullets, in the noise of terror, peace talks cannot be held.

He then questioned the pacts that were signed between India and Pakistan and then were relentlessly broken by Pak. 

"My question is 11 pacts we have signed in the past. What happened to those pacts? When Musharraf had said that he will not allow Pakistan to be used as a land for terrorist activities. What happened to that promise? So, all the pacts and promises that were negotiated between the two countries led to nothing".

"In fact, the terror has moved in an upward curve. And therefore, how many times will we allow our country to be fooled or trapped. Therefore, there is no question of talks", he concluded. 

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Earlier, Pakistan has fired along the LoC at Indian civilian areas in Jammu and Kashmir and killed two children - a nine-month-old baby, her five-year-old brother and their mother. Distraught civilians lay low for cover, but the death of innocent children in the firing has angered the locals. The shelling has also caused a lot of destruction of property.

A local from Salotri of Jhalos area where the firing happened has spoken about the atrocities committed by the Pakistan Forces. 

"The shelling began after Azaan at around 6.30 pm and continued for lose to four hours. We were scared and stayed at home. The firing has caused a huge destruction. This house belongs to Mohammed Aslam whose wife and two children were killed. And look at the condition of his house. Other house which was destroyed belongs to Rashid. One more child was injured, his leg was chopped off by the firing and he has been taken to Jammu. Why are we being subjected to this atrocity. The mortars which was felled is the biggest ever. If more such shellings happen, this whole place wil be destroyed. Why are we being slaughtered like this?"