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Tanushree Dutta recently shocked the Nation when she revealed about her traumatic past. The actress explained how the discomfort and the alleged misconduct began

Written By Snehal Kataruka | Mumbai | Updated On:

Tanushree Dutta recently shocked the Nation when she spoke about her traumatic past. The '34-year-old' actress opened up about a horrific incident that took place 10 years ago on the sets of 'Horn OK Pleasss'. She accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of alleged misconduct during a song sequence in the film. She further accused director Vivek Agnihotri of allegedly asking her to strip and dance on the sets of the 2005 film 'Chocolate'. Ever since Tanushree disclosed her past, this has become a burning topic of discussion. Bollywood and Non-Bollywood members have shared their opinion, while some shamed the victim, others took a stand for Tanushree. 

While the Nation debates over who is right and who is wrong, Tanushree Dutta exclusively spoke at length with Republic TV's Editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami and recalled what exactly happened on the sets of 'Horn OK Pleassss'. 

The actress stated that she was signed by the makers of 'Horn OK Pleasss' to do an item number for the film, it was supposed to be a solo number, and it all began when Tanushree noticed Nana Patekar on the sets during Tanushree's shoot. 

"It was my song shoot, he (Nana) was not even supposed to be there on sets, I even asked the director and the producer that what was he doing there, to which, they said that he just had a line in the song and after that, he would go home."

The actress further explained how the discomfort and the alleged harassment began, she recounted, 

"Since that morning on sets he bridged the distance between me and him, first he stared from a distance then he got closer and then he started grabbing me and pushing me around and all this while I kept thinking why is he here? He is not supposed to be here, while I was rehearsing for the steps, he grabs me by the arm, pushes me around and asks me to stand here and there."

When all of this happened, Tanushree immediately complained about Nana's behaviour to the producer and the director of the film but all her efforts were in vain since nobody listened to her. She explained in detail about what she went through that day and termed it as "I was uncomfortable and it felt horrible." 

Tanushree exclaimed that she had gone to the police station after being mobbed and attacked on the sets, she filed an official complaint, but even the cops asked her if she wanted to add Nana Patekar's name in the complaint which really pissed her off and in a way broke her spirit. She referred to the Nana Patekar incident the 'darkest phase' of her life and the industry began to gang up against her. She mentioned that Nana Patekar's lawyer turned high court judge friend had threatened her in order to keep her shut. That's when Tanushree knew she was thrown out of the industry. Despite getting many film offers, the traumatic incident kept Tanushree away from the movies, and slowly she began to disappear from the industry.  

Tanushree had further accused director Vivek Agnihotri of allegedly asking her to strip and dance on the sets of the 2005 film 'Chocolate'. She gave a detailed explanation of what happened that day and said, 

"On the same day as I had a fever, I was standing behind the camera in my robes. They were shooting Irrfan Khan's close up shot when he (Vivek Agnihotri) asked me to remove my clothes and dance in order to give cues to the actor." However, she said that both Irrfan Khan and Suniel Shetty stood up and spoke against it and implied that there is no need for it."


Tanushree took a stand for her self and the injustice she suffered 10 years ago, and there are always two kinds of people, one who support and the others who question, Tanushree addressed all the questions that were directed towards her after she accused Nana Patekar of alleged misconduct. The former actress recently returned to India from the States and on being asked if she had planned to speak about the harassment, She said, That she had no thoughts in that direction. "Before I took the flight, my concerns were, what kind of wardrobe I will be having in India and how hot it is going to be there."

She responded to allegations that called her publicity hungry and that accused Tanushree of wanting to enter Bigg Boss, she said,

" If I Wanted Publicity, Wouldn't I Have Gone And Done That Song? In This Country, If You Want To Harass A Woman And Re-Harass A Woman, You Drag Her To Court, nobody in their senses would do this to themselves for publicity. This is a way to discredit me that I am doing this for Bigg Boss. What, you think is a great aspiration? I don't think that. You think Salman Khan is god and Bigg Boss is heaven, I don't think that. Bigg Boss offered me crores over all these years and I have been saying no. I am claustrophobic anyway, I need to move around". 

Coming back to Nana Patekar she said, that she can never forget that incident and disclosed how his energy was dense, dark and intimidating. She further mentioned, 

"That man creeps me out. I don't know, this is a possibility that I did not consider but I will blast the sh*t out of him because he knows he is wrong. He can hide and attack me but in front of me he cannot do anything."


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