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EXCLUSIVE : 'Vivek Agnihotri Tried To Make Me Uncomfortable As He Did Not Want Me In The Film 'Chocolate' ,' Says Tanushree Dutta In Interview With Arnab Goswami

Written By Athulya Nambiar | Mumbai | Published:


  • Tanushree Dutta accused filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri of allegedly asking the actress to strip and dance on the sets of the 2005 film 'Chocolate'.
  • In an exclusive interaction with Republic TV, Tanushree Dutta poured her heart out recalling the incident from 2008.

Former Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta recently shed light on the incident that happened 10 years ago on the sets of the film, 'Horn OK Pleassss'. She accused Bollywood actor Nana Patekar of misconduct on the sets of a song from the movie. In addition to this, she also accused filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri of misconduct on the sets of the 2005 film, 'Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets'. She alleged that the director had asked her to strip and dance in order to give cues to the actor.  

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Based on the allegations made by Dutta, Sattyajit Gazmer who was the associate director of the film, 'Chocolate', had taken to his social media account to reveal minute by minute account of Tanushree Dutta's allegation on Vivek Agnihotri. In his post, he claimed that all the allegations made by Dutta are false. He said that the actress did not understand multiple shots,when she was asked to remove her bathrobe for the scene. He claimed that nobody asked her to strip, but only asked her to remove the robe for the scene, as she was a part of the frame. 

In an exclusive interaction with Arnab Goswami, editor-in-chief of Republic TV, Tanushree Dutta spoke in length about the incident that happened on the sets of the 'Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets'.

Tanushree Dutta said, " 'Chocolate' is one such film, where Vivek Agnihotri (director) did not want me to be a part of it . The producers were five women and they were confident that I would do the part. I did seven screen tests for that movie and from day one I knew that this guy does not want me to be a  part of the project. He was mean to me from day one. He hated me because I still got the part despite the fact that he did not want me to do the film. So, from day one he was trying to make me uncomfortable."

Talking about the song sequence, during which Tanushree alleged that Vivek Agnihotri misbehaved with her, she said, "In one particular song sequence in 'Bheega Bheega December',I was wearing something skimpy and there was water being poured out on me. Because of the water, I was developing fever, which I told the director and asked him to put the AC down. He replied as to why the entire team should bear the heat for you ?"

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 Talking about the incident she further said, "On the same day as I had fever , I was standing behind the camera in my robes. They were shooting Irrfan Khan's close up shot, when he (Vivek Agnihotri) asked me to remove my clothes and dance in order give cues to the actor." However, she said that both Irrfan Khan and Suniel Shetty stood up and spoke against it and implied that there is no need for it. 

On the other hand,  Vivek Agnihotri's lawyer has released a press statement, in which he claimed that all the "allegations leveled against my client Mr Vivek Agnihotri by Ms Tanushree Dutta for misbehaviour and/or harassment are absolutely false, frivolous and vexatious. The lawyer further stated that the "allegations are deliberate and have been borne with an intent to attract publicity and wreak personal vendetta against my client with malafide intentions."

Meanwhile, Tanushree Dutta has received two legal notice, one each from Nana Patekar and Vivek Agnihotri. She had accused Vivek Agnihotri of asking her to strip naked on the sets of the film 'Chocolate' in 2005. Dutta has been receiving multiple threats from the political party MNS and Nana Patekar, and is currently under police protection. Nana Patekar and Ganesh Acharya will be holding a press conference on October 8.