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EXCLUSIVE: When A 'neighbour' Of Nirav Modi In London Threatened To Call The Cops On Hearing A Simple Doorbell

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Published:


  • While tracking down the London address of Nirav Modi, Republic TV's Shawan Sen was threatened by a person living the flat opposite
  • Nirav Modi's 'neighbour', who was agitated, said he knew why Republic TV's investigator had come to call on the flat opposite
  • Nirav Modi's 'neighbour' had an 'Om' sign on his door and spoke in what seemed to be an Indian accent with a British twank

In a sensational newsbreak, Republic TV has managed to track down the London 'addresses' of fugitive fraud-accused diamantaire Nirav Modi, who fled from India weeks before the stunning Rs 12,000+ crore PNB bank scam came to light. Republic TV's Senior News Editor Shawan Sen, aided with spy cams, visited both addresses, and in the first one, made it to Nirav Modi's doorstep, and was also threatened by those who lived in the adjacent apartment.

Nirav Modi's first address in London is located in the upscale Westminster area and is on the thirteenth and top floor of the building. The door number is 103. When Shawan knocked, there was no answer, but in the apartment next door, voices were audible.

Flat 104 on the thirteenth floor had an 'Om' sign on the door and inside, a person appeared to be furious. The agitated resident seemed to have an Indian accent with a British twang. 

Shawan buzzed the door and a man answered on the buzzer. Here is the conversation that ensued:

Man speaks via buzzer (inaudible)

Shawan: I'm just looking for 103, who is this?

Man speaks via buzzer: This is 104.

Shawan: Can I just have a word with you?

Man speaks via buzzer: No thank you, sorry. Who are you and what are you doing here?

Shawan: Sorry?

Man speaks via buzzer: Who are you and why are you on the 13th floor?

Shawan: I had to speak to someone at 103.

Man speaks via buzzer: I am going to call the police and the porter.

Shawan: I am sorry. I had to …

Man speaks via buzzer: On what basis have you entered the building?

Shawan: I had to meet… I had to meet

Man speaks via buzzer: I am calling the police right now and the porter. I know exactly… what are you even doing here?

Shawan: I had … actually…

Man speaks via buzzer: On what basis have you come upstairs

Shawan: No, I had to meet someone at 103 that is why …

Man speaks via buzzer: Go back downstairs and speak to the porter.

Shawan: Okay, okay. May I know who is this.

Shawan takes the elevator to the ground floor.

Clearly, the person who lived in the apartment opposite wasn't in a mood to entertain any form of inquiry, and appeared to be immediately agitated and non-friendly upon hearing that someone had come to call on flat 103. He even said, "I know exactly… what are you even doing here?"

Nirav Modi's second hideout, which is listed on the CBI's extradition note, is in a fancy luxury apartment block located next to the Tower of London. He's been shuffling between the two addresses for the last few months. 

Concurrent with ascertaining Nirav Modi's London addresses, Republic TV has also spoken to his brother Neeshal and found out his whereabouts. 


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