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EXCLUSIVE: Who Is Nirav Modi's Brother Neeshal Modi Saying He's Been Tricked By? Hear This Sensational Conversation And Decide

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Shortly after tracking down fugitive fraud-accused diamantaire Nirav Modi’s two addresses in London, Republic TV’s Senior News Editor Shawan Sen has also traced the whereabouts of and spoken to his brother Neeshal, who has had an Interpol Red Corner Notice issued against him and is on the run.

Here is an account of how Republic TV got the man running from a Red Corner notice on record and the revelations he made thereof.

Tracked down and clearly heard on the phone, Neeshal Modi who the agencies state fled India in the first week of January 2018, insinuates that he has been framed by a certain family member.

Shawan gets Neeshal's number -- a Belgian number -- and calls him shortly before entering the building in London's Westminster where his brother Nirav has been served an extradition notice.

After over two hours, Neeshal, who doesn't know Shawan is a Republic TV reporter till the latter reveals it, calls back, and the following makes some sensational revelations.

In his conversation with Shawan, Neeshal Modi says, “ Just understand that I’m really in [inaudible] situation.”  Here’s the full text of the phone conversation between the two:

Shawan: Is this Neeshal?

Neeshal: Who is this?

Shawan: Hello, is this Neeshal?

Neeshal: Who is this?

Shawan: Neeshal, this is Shawan this side.

Neeshal: Who?

Shawan: Neeshal, this is Shawan this side. Can you hear me?

Neeshal: Haan ji. Yes.

Shawan: Hello, Neeshal, can you hear me? Your voice is not audible.

Neeshal: Speaking, speaking. From, from. Where are... are you calling from Shawan? Excuse me.

Shawan: Neeshal, I am calling you from London.

Neeshal: Yeah.

Shawan: Hello?

Neeshal: Yeah, yeah.

Shawan: Neeshal, just wanted to check with you, since you are in London, would it possible to meet you?

Neeshal: Who, who, who are you?

Shawan: Sorry

Neeshal: Who are you?

Shawan: Neeshal, this is Shawan. I am basically from Republic.

Neeshal: Yes, please. Please Shawan bhai. Please, excuse me. Please leave me out of this.

Shawan: Neeshal, would it just be possible for once to meet you?

Neeshal: Shawan bhai, please. Shawan bhai, please. Shawan. Just understand that I’m really in [inaudible] situation.

Shawan: I understand. I understand that. But Neeshal, only thing I am requesting...Neeshal, only thing I am requesting is, since I am here it would be great if we could just meet up once and off record.

Neeshal: Please, please, please, please, please. Please excuse me, but, please understand that the situation

Shawan: Since you're, Neeshal just one.. I completely understand. The thing is that, since you are in London, I thought, this is the best time to at least come and meet you once.

Neeshal: I wish. I wish I could come and meet you but unfortunately, I am not there. And you can. For all my other details etc, anything you need, please don’t call me for all these things. I request.

Shawan: Neeshal, no, I ... I completely understand this. If you just hear me out. Just for minute

Neeshal (simultaneously): Thank you.

Shawan: Neeshal, can you just hear me out for a minute please?


Shawan: Hello?

Neeshal: Shawan, please. Please, Shawan. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Shawan: Neeshal, just one small thing. Hello? Hello?

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As the conversation between Shawan and Neeshal Modi turns to WhatsApp, the two exchange over 50 WhatsApp messages over the next few days. Among the claims on Whatsapp, Neeshal claims that he is living in Belgium and not London. Neeshal also claimed to Shawan Sen that he hasn’t met his brother Nirav for five to six months.

Additionally, Neeshal Modi also drops a big hint about dumping the blame on a certain family member. Neeshal’s text read, that he was a “small guy in a big kind of situation” and one that he has been still “grappling” with.

Neeshal also came on record to say that he's in this situation because of a certain family member, and that as of now, he doesn't wish to speak.

Here are the Whatsapp exchanges between Shawan and Neeshal Modi:


Republic TV tried to contact Neeshal Modi again, this time via a text message from Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami. When Republic TV checked with him whether he was in London because his voicemail was in British English, he claimed once again that he was in Belgium. Neeshal added that he is not comfortable discussing anything at this point as, in his own words, he's a victim and is trying to understand his position.

So, as Nirav Modi’s brother Neeshal Modi comes on record and insinuates a certain family member as the one to blame for the scam, was he indicating that it was Nirav Modi or Mehul Choksi who fixed him? Hear the video above and leave your views in the comment section below


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