EXPLOSIVE: ED Cracks Agusta Kickbacks Scandal. Republic TV Accesses 52-page ED Supplementary Chargesheet Where Middleman Christian Michel Mentions 'Ítalian Lady's Son', 'Family' And 'Ahmed Patel'

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In what comes as a massive development, Republic TV has accessed the 52-pages full explosive ED chargesheet of AgustaWestland case in which middleman Christian Michel has spilled the beans.

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Enforcement Directorate has cracked the AgustaWestland Case. In what comes as a massive development 7 days before the first vote is cast, Republic TV has accessed the 52-pages full explosive ED Fourth supplementary chargesheet in the AgustaWestland case which breaks open and unravels every detail in the case. 

As per the ED chargesheet, a copy of which is available with Republic TV – ED concludes that Christian Michel acknowledges knowing 'Mrs. Gandhi'. Michel further reveals that he was in touch with 'Mrs Gandhi' and knew her since 1986-87.

Earlier, the investigating agencies had recovered hand-written diary notings detailing the alleged kickbacks paid for the 12 AW-101 AgustaWestland deal. These noting mentioned ‘FAM’, ‘AP’ among others – answers to which were unknown so far. However, as per ED conclusion, Christian Michel has revealed that 'AP’ stands for Ahmed Patel and 'FAM’ was the abbreviation for ‘Family'.  

The 'Italian lady’s son' mention: 

The 52 page chargesheet  mentions meetings with 'the Italian lady's son' who 'will be the next Prime Minister'. Reference to 'Son's power growing in the party and mother unaware of full facts' have been made as part of the dispatch published by the Enforcement Directorate.

On Page 22, a dispatch dated 1st October 2009, reads:

“Meeting at the beginning of the week with regards to the Italian lady’s son. The gentlemen I met knew about our activity and felt we were well placed. Explained that this was well known but that we could not wait any longer. The gentleman confirmed that the son will be next Prime Minister and his power in the party is growing day by day. Hence, the Finance Minister’s extreme anxiety at the son’s phenomenal rise. The son will be asked this weekend to raise this matter with his mother as the mother is certainly not aware of all the facts".

The dispatch further reads: “My friend will report back to us next week and may be willing to come and visit us if the news is significant. We feel this is a low-risk".

Indirect references to political influence in swinging the deal in favour of AgustaWestland are made. The chargesheet further reveals that the entire AgustaWestland deal was 'politically charged' and notes related to the deal were sent to the 'head of the ruling party'.

Revelations on kickbacks:

Furthermore, the chargesheet mentions that 'Kickbacks worth 70 Million Euros' were given to 'defense officials and top political leaders'. 

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Earlier on December 29, 2018, Enforcement Directorate had told the Patiala House Court that Christian Michel, who was extradited earlier in December, named one 'Mrs Gandhi' during his interrogation. 

The ED lawyer told the court that Michel said he was in touch with one Mrs Gandhi and "the son of the Italian lady" and how he is going to become "the next prime minister of the country".

The counsel, however, did not clarify who were the individuals Michel mentioned while in ED custody.

WATCH: Republic TV Confronts Christian Michel As He Is Brought In At CBI Headquarters In New Delhi

Earlier in December, Christian Michel was extradited to India from Dubai through a high-security CBI-led procedure. Christian Michel James has been described as a historical consultant of AgustaWestland/Westland Helicopters, UK with technical operational knowledge of the aircraft, the military bases and the pilots, by the CBI.

He is among the three alleged middlemen being probed in the case by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The others are Guido Haschke and Carlo Gerosa.

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