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Father Of The 18-month-old Who Fell In An Open Manhole In Mumbai's Goregaon Demands Probe, Alleges Administration's Carelessness

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:


  • The eighteen months old toddler who fell in manhole in Mumbai's Goregaon remains missing even after 15 hours of rescue operation
  • Father of 18-month-old demanded an immediate probe
  • The residents claim that they have been requesting the BMC to cover the manhole since three years

As the eighteen months old toddler remains missing even after 15 hours of rescue operation, father of 18-month-old blamed the administration. In what is being called the atrocity by the Police, toddler's father and supporters had blocked the road and were protesting on July 11 against the state administration. He said that they were taken into custody by the Mumbai Police.

Speaking to Republic TV, the father said: "The dispensation here which is responsible for shutting the gutter, I want an investigation against them - a fast probe, not the kind that gets buried in files. There should be an immediate probe into why the apathy took place. I along with my friends were protesting, they held us and put us in the van, what is my fault, that I lost my child?"

On Wednesday night, 18-month-old fell in a manhole in Mumbai's Goregaon. The residents claim that they have been requesting the BMC to cover the manhole since three years but no step was taken. Even after 15 hours of search operations, the child was not found. The toodler named Divyansh Singh, fell into a manhole at around 10 pm in Ambedkar Nagar. The incident was captured on the CCTV.

The footage shared by news agency ANI shows the toddler can be seen moving around the manhole when he falls into it. A few minutes later an elderly woman is also seen moving around the manhole, seeming to find the toddler who by then had already fallen in the manhole. 

Here is the video:

Reaching the spot on Thursday morning, Mumbai Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar said: "Yesterday night this incident happened. The recovery works are on. Shiv Sena, BJP leaders are taking stock of the situation. Action will be taken against the minister. The incident is saddening, we met the family of the child - Divyanshu Singh. He fell in a manhole, we are looking for him. Local corporators, its no about party, all party leaders are here."

(this is a developing story, details awaited)