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'Food For All'- NGO Provides Food To The Needy People Of Srinagar Amidst COVID Lockdown

NGOs in Jammu and Kashmir have stepped out to help the needy people amidst lockdown and COVID infections. Migrant labourers are dependent on the food packets.


Source- ANI

The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is currently struggling with the crippling situation of COVID-19 as the Government has imposed lockdown. In such time, considering the hardships of daily labourers and needy people, several Non-Governmental Organizations have stepped forward to distribute food packages to the ones who are in utter need. The White Globe NGO is one such organization that is catering to the necessities of labour workers and poor people.

Sheikh Saba, the Chairperson of the White Globe Organization said, "After the number of cases increased, we requested the government to impose a lockdown. But we also realized that it is going to be very difficult for those who earn their livelihood on daily basis. This is when we started delivering food packets for the COVID-19 attendants at different hospitals. "

Sheikh Saba further said that White Globe NGO`s 'Food for All' drive started after they received a large number of queries from needy people post the lockdown extension. She informed that her NGO`s campaign has been successful in helping a lot of families in Srinagar. White Globe NGO has also distributed food packages to people outside Kashmir. Saba realizes that the situation in the valley will not regain normalcy as soon as the restrictions are lifted, and so her NGO will continue distributing food packages along with dry ration, cylinders, and medicines for the next couple of months. 

NGOs are the only hope of survival for migrant workers

Along with the needy people of Jammu and Kashmir, the NGOs have been providing packages to the migrant workers who are stuck in the valley and are unable to move because of a lack of money and resource. 

Overwhelmed with the help, one of the migrant labor, Mohamad Ali said, "We are managing in whatever ration we get from these NGOs. We have no source of income during the lockdown and our only hope for survival is through packets"

The beneficiaries of the campaign are thankful to the NGOs for providing them with food packets, dry rations, and medicines. Mushtaq Ahmad one such beneficiary expressed his gratitude to the NGOs and said, "Since the last two years, we have been fighting COVID. The government is helping too, but the NGOs have been helping us a lot. They deliver food packets to every household that cannot afford them in these tough times since the shops are closed. We are very thankful to them for this." The NGOs have been thanked by one of the other beneficiaries as well, Mehraj-u-Din Parray extended his gratefulness and requested everyone to help those in need as the situation in the valley is bad due to lockdown.

(Source- ANI)

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