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Former Maharashtra Guv Koshyari Spills Beans On Whether He Will Make Comeback In Politics

Former Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari on Saturday spoke about his future political role in an exclusive interview with Republic TV.

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Former Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari on Saturday spoke about his future political course in an exclusive interview with Republic TV. Koshyari who hails from Uttarakhand said that he returned to his home state to serve the people through social work and "not through politics". 

During the interview, when Koshyari was questioned as to whether he will make a political comeback now that he is back in Uttarakhand, the former Maharashtra Governor said, "No, I have come back to Uttarakhand (for) whatever's life remaining period is there (only) to serve Uttarakhand not through politics but through service, service to the people; through social work in agriculture, tourism...and so many things are there."

'Returned to Uttarakhand to make it powerful state': Bhagat Singh Koshyari

Adding further he said, "So as far as the centre of power is concerned, Maharashtra is such a big and rich state, do you think that centre of power will come to Uttarakhand? I have not come here to become the Center of power. I came here so that the state can become powerful. During my tenure, I completed tasks like (rehabilitation efforts of people near) Tehri Dam which is still praised nationwide. Did many such things."

When asked if there is any chance he can guide others now, Koshyari said, "Uttarakhand has a very successful leadership (CM Pushkar Singh Dhami), one which carries everyone together and that is why he is dear to the people here."

Was the Raj Bhawan an extension of the Centre's view?

On Opposition leaders' claim that the Maharashtra Raj Bhawan was an extension of the BJP-led Central government's views, the former Governor said, "That was not an office of the BJP, that was an office of the people of Maharashtra."

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of people would come to me. Some would ask why do I lower my mask while taking pictures with the people and I would say, 'people come to meet me and wish to take a picture with the Governor and if I get COVID then it is okay. That person will be happy. Our job is to keep the people happy. So I tried as much as I could," he added. 

Koshyari also agreed that he made the Raj Bhawan people's office and not a party office. "I even told the Prime Minister when he was here for the inauguration to name it Lok Bhawan instead of Raj Bhawan. It didn't happen but he changed Rajpath to Kartavya path which I appreciate," he said.

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