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"Four Years Back No One Even Thought That The Congress Leaders Will Be Convicted For 1984 Sikh Massacre,” PM Modi At Republic Summit

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:

At the two-day Republic Summit 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the keynote speech on 'Surging India'. 

Accentuating on the growth of the country under the governance of NDA, PM Modi in return posed a question during his address. He asked, "Kya chaar saal pehele apne socha tha?" ("Did you think this four years back?"), citing a series of aspects that he believed to have acted as a catalyst for the progress of India, one being the verdict of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

The Prime Minister pointed out the conviction of Congress leaders and the verdict of 1984 anti-Sikh riots, which he said was unthinkable four years back. 

He said, “Four years back no one even thought that the Congress leaders will be convicted for 1984 Sikh massacre, will be punished, people will get justice.”

 Speaking on the theme of Surging India, Prime Minister Modi also asked:

  • Four years ago, did anyone thought that within no time India will take its step forward to join the Five Trillion Dollar Economies Club?
  • Four years ago, did anyone thought that in ease of doing the business ranking, India will move from 142 to 77th position? And India is taking rapid actions to come under the top 50.
  • Four years ago, did anyone thought that people who travel in AC trains will soon travel in a helicopter?
  • Four years ago, did anyone thought that an auto-driver, vegetable vendor and even a tea seller will use Bheem App and He will keep a debit card in his pocket.
  • Four years ago, did anyone thought that India's aviation sector will soar so high that there will be a need to order 1000 new helicopters? And you will be amused to know that, since independence, we have 450 helicopters is operational be it public or private.
  • Did anyone think that National Waterways will be a reality in India? That a helicopter from Bengal will sail on River Ganga to Benaras?
  • Four years ago, did anyone thought that we would be testing a Made In India engine-less train that will run at a speed of 180 km/per hrs.
  • Did anyone think that India will launch 100 satellites at a go? And not only this, India is moving ahead with the Gaganyan mission.
  • Four years ago, did anyone thought that from start-up to Sports India will step into every field?