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'Kaali' Poster row | From Arrest To Lookout Notice, BJP & Hindu Outfits Seek Action Against 'Kaali' Director

Massive anger has erupted across the country after 'Kaali' filmmaker Leena Manimekalai remained unapologetic despite hurting the religious sentiments of many.

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Massive anger has erupted across the country after 'Kaali' movie filmmaker Leena Manimekalai remained unapologetic over her documentary's poster depicting the Hindu Goddess smoking a cigarette, and instead posted a new controversial picture on Thursday that apart from insulting the Hindu religion, directly targeted BJP. Several complaints have been filed against the director for her continuous and deliberate attempts to hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindu community. From a lookout notice to immediate arrest, the demand for strict action against the filmmaker continues to escalate.

On Thursday, July 7, Manimekalai posted a picture featuring an actor depicting the role of Lord Shiva smoking and stated that the BJP and Sangh Parivar are the ones who want to destroy India with their relentless hate & religious bigotry. "Hindutva can never become India", she wrote. 

Demand for action against Leena Manimekalai

Ayodhya seer Mahant Raju Das said, "I request Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah to make a strict law against those who insult Gods and deities. Our sentiments are being hurt and no one should have a right to speak against anyone's religion. The day the religious leaders and saints will come out on the road, it will become difficult for people with such mentalities to live in the country."

Danish Azad Ansari, Minister of Minority Welfare in Uttar Pradesh Government stated, "We all should act as responsible citizens and must avoid any situation that will create confusion and conflict in society. We respect all religions. One should be really careful and sensitive before making any statement about anyone's religious beliefs. We should maintain the unity and integrity of people".

"Anyway she is in Canada and the Canada film festival themselves have agreed that they will not screen the movie. Does this mean the Indian government has influenced the Canadian government? They have independently taken the view that this movie portrays hatred and she should not be given space and opportunity inside that place. There are some people in India who believe that simply by abusing others' religion and faith they will get famous overnight. The media and people of our country have rejected the script. No more Leena Manimekalai or these kinds of things will sell in our country. Our constitution gives us the right to talk, but do it without hurting anybody and trying to potray herself as a big social virtue paragon,"  said Tamil Nadu BJP chief K Annamalai

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra said, "We are going to write a letter to the central government to issue a Lookout Circular (LoC) notice against Leena Manimekalai because now it seems whatever she is doing, it's all intentional. Immediate action should be taken. Some people with a perverted mindset who are using Twitter as a tool just to hurt religious sentiments need to be stopped".

BJP national spokesperson Nalin Kohli said, 'It is unfortunate that there is a segment of society that immediately invokes its right to freedom of expression and speech on Article 19, but they ignore the reasonable restrictions.  More importantly, they forget the existence of Article 51 A and particularly Article 51A(e) which is the fundamental duty of every citizen which includes promoting harmony and brotherhood and after all by putting out something which will instigate a section of the society".

"The fresh tweet by Leena shows that this is not a creative expression but in fact deliberate provocation. Is abusing Hindu gods equal to secularism? Is insulting Hindu Aastha equal to liberalism and progressivism? The likes of Leena who has tweeted again in this particular manner are emboldened because she knows she has the backing of the entire ecosystem which includes the Congress party, Trinamool Congress, and the left who always think abusing Hindu Aastha is necessary for getting vote bank support and equals to pseudo-secularism. Therefore, no action has been taken against Mahua Moitra by the TMC," said BJP's Shehzad Poonawalla.

BJP's Manish Shukla, while speaking to Republic, said, "Leena is a member of the international gang who spread propaganda against India and she is a part of this conspiracy. It is a big conspiracy to disturb India and the law and order situation. There should be an investigation to find out who are the people behind this. Such a thing creates resentment. Why is the secular gang silent now"?

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