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FTV India's Kashiff Khan, Accused By Nawab Malik Of Organising Cruise Party, Denies It All

Fashion TV India head Kashiff Khan denied allegations levelled by Maharashtra Cabinet Minister and NCP Nawab Malik pertaining to the Mumbai cruise party

Image: Republic World/PTI/ANI

Speaking exclusively to Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami on The Debate, Fashion TV India's head Kashiff Khan strongly denied allegations levelled by Maharashtra Cabinet Minister and NCP Nawab Malik over the Mumbai cruise ship drug party, and called it bizarre and sensational.

Speaking on the Nation's most-watched primetime debate, Kashiff Khan, when asked about what links he has with 'drugs', said "Nothing. I have no connection with drugs. People who know me know I don't even smoke. I was on the cruise, I brought my own ticket, I paid for the trip and was the same customer/client on the ship. I have all the invoices." 

 "When I reached the port in the evening, I saw some commotion going on. When I asked 'is it okay to go?', they said that the ship is legal and it has got all permission and will be able to sail. I'm more than shocked by the honourable minister's allegation," he added.

On allegations that have been hurled against him of running a sex and pornography racket, Khan said, "You can check with anybody. I head India operations for corporate and work as India head of Fashion TV."

On connections with Sameer Wankhede which have been alleged by Nawab Malik, Kashiff Khan said, "I don't even know Sameer Wankhede. I give an open challenge to the forum. If anybody proves my connection with Wankhede. If I shall put my forehead on his feet. I've never met him, never seen him or interacted with him before."

Kashiff Khan said that the Fashion TV was connected to the event only as a sponsor. "We were not organisers for the event. The organisers from Delhi are detained and arrested. We were not even involved in organising." 

To manifest his point that sponsors and organisers are different, Khan said, "If IPL is going on, with 25 sponsors. 2 IPL teams were blacklisted a few years back, will any of the sponsors be held responsible for their act? The organisers of the cruise is a company from Delhi."

When asked if he was planning on filing a defamation suit against the Nawab Malik, he said "I wasn't considering it (filing a defamation suit) as allegations were by a very powerful minister (Nawab Malik), so I thought it was a waste of time. But I will consider it after speaking to my legal advisors".

Nawab Malik shares video of Kashiff Khan and alleges he knows Sameer Wankhede

In a press conference, Nawab Malik alleged that Kashif Khan was one of the organisers of the Cordelia cruise on October 2. He also shared a video of Fashion TV head dancing. 

"Kashif Khan is notorious for distribution of drugs, for running sex and pornography racket and had posted the advertisement of Cordelia drug party on social media. Despite that the intelligent officers of the NCB did not call him for any inquiry or probe," Malik alleged, adding that Khan was let go as he was "friend of Sameer Wankhede".

Meanwhile, Mumbai NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede has rejected the claims. "Absolutely a lie and I can't comment. Law will take its own course," the NCB officer said, reacting to the Nationalist Congress Party leader's statement, PTI reported. 

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