FULL 'On The Road' With Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis Before Polls

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In Republic TV's exclusive 'On the Road', Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis spoke on range of issues including alliance partner with Shiv Sena

Written By Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:

While covering almost any assembly elections, the incumbent Chief Minister is usually hassled and a bit worried as he/she campaigns across the state and answer to people about what they did in the last 5 years and what they will deliver in the next five. But Devendra Fadnavis is the one to keep his calm and he seemed to enjoy meeting with the locals of all assembly seats who had come to see him. Travelling in his ‘rath’ on which I accompanied him for one day to get insight into his campaigning, he spoke candidly about his views and plans for Maharashtra.

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As the first BJP Chief Minister of the state of Maharashtra, Fadnavis talked freely about issues like agrarian crisis, farmer suicides, economic slowdown and his agenda of making Maharashtra a leader in technological innovation in saving water. “There are a lot of awareness programs that we are planning on doing and there are several programs that the Maharashtra government has already launched. Drip irrigation was something that Maharashtra Government raised the issue of very early and that will also benefit the farmers,” Fadnavis told me with a broad smile. as he came back to sit in his seat again after meeting hundreds of people who came to wish him well. 

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Through the day several issues were discussed, the political alliances’ did not go unanswered. While talking about the BJP alliance with Shiv Sena, Fadnavis held his card close to his chest. He only stated that there is no in-fighting between the two parties. Upon being asked why there is such a ‘love-hate’ relationship between the two, he laughed, “Only I know what Shiv Sena wants. No one else knows. You don’t know the whole story. It is for some other time. All I can say is that Uddhav Thakarey and I are old friends. We understand each other. Everything will be sorted. The rest of the world need not worry.”

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Other candid conversations with the CM also involved him talking about his love for driving and singing – both he said he has lost touch with but would like to make time for. “I probably shouldn’t sit in the driver's seat anymore. I don’t know if ill be able to drive now. Could be harmful,” he said in the last interview of the day that we conducted in Beed constituency. The entire ‘Maha Jan Aadesh Yatra’ has covered all constituency of the state of Maharashtra while indulging in candid conversations with the voters of each constituency and talking about the specific issues.

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