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FULL VIDEO: PM Narendra Modi Addresses Maldives Parliament, Highlights Unbreakable Relationship Between The Countries

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Terming the State-sponsored terrorism as the biggest threat to the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday called upon the world communities to unite in the fight against terrorism and radicalisation.

Modi, who was addressing Maldives's parliament -- People's Majlis -- said: "Terrorism is a danger not just for a country but the entire civilisation. State-sponsored terrorism is the biggest threat today. It is important for the world community to come together to fight the challenge of terrorism and radicalisation."

Prime Minister Modi began his speech by expressing his gratitude for inviting him to address the parliament, adding that the gesture has touched the hearts of every Indian. His 30 plus minute speech reflected upon three other things -- climate change, ties in Indo-Pacific region, and bilateral relations.

Stressing the significance of India-Maldivian ties, Modi said: "Neighborhood First' is our priority. Relations between India and Maldives are older than history. From time immemorial, blue waters have washed our shores. They have also nourished our cultures and civilisations."

He also expressed his delight over the Maldives being a part of India-led International Solar Alliance. "I am happy that the Maldives is working towards sustainable development and has become a part of the International Solar Alliance."

In a special gesture, Modi also promised India's contribution in the conservation of Maldives Friday mosque. "I felt great to have announced today that India will contribute to the conservation of Maldives' Friday Mosque. There is no such mosque elsewhere in the world like this historical mosque made up of coral."

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In his speech, the Prime Minister also reiterated his commitment to fighting climate change.

"It will not be possible to adequately mitigate the adverse effects of climate change without bringing in changes in our values, approach, lifestyle, and societies. The ancient Indian belief regards the Earth as our mother and all of us as her children," he said.

"If we regard this planet as our mother, we can only respect and conserve it, and cannot harm it. We should also remember that this home, our earth, is the legacy we hold for our future generations in trust, and it is not a property we own," he said.

Talking about the need for turning to renewable sources of energy, he said that renewable energy was a potent alternative for mitigating any adverse effects of climate change.

"This distinguished gathering is familiar with India's ambitious target of 175 GW of renewable energy by the year 2022, and the progress achieved in attaining it surpassing all expectations," he said.

Highlighting India's cooperation in lighting up the streets of Male with environment-friendly LED lights, Modi said: "We have lit up streets of Male with 2,500 energy-efficient and environment-friendly LED street lights. And over 200,000 LED bulbs have reached homes and shops in the Maldives. They will help save precious electricity and the environment."

Lastly, the Prime Minister shared his vision for the Indo-Pacific region.

"Indo-Pacific region is an inalienable part of our existence. It has been our lifeline, and also the highway for trade and prosperity," said Modi, adding: "It is also a region with many unanswered questions and unresolved disputes."

Recalling his words said in Singapore in 2018 that everyone will have to work together for ensuring openness, integration, and balance in the Indo-Pacific, Modi said that this would only ensure trust among nations and rule-based order and multilateralism.

Prime Minister Modi's address to the Maldivian Parliament was one of the major highlights of his visit to the country. Earlier, he held bilateral talks with Maldivian President Ibrahim Mohammad Solih.

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