Gautam Gambhir: 'Everyone Should Honour The Ayodhya Verdict'

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BJP MP and Ex cricketer Gautam Gambhir hailed the Supreme Court's verdict on the Ayodhya dispute and said the verdict was balanced.

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BJP MP and Ex cricketer Gautam Gambhir hailed the Supreme Court's verdict on the Ayodhya dispute and said the verdict was balanced. He also said people from all communities and religions must come together and work towards nation-building. 

'Everyone should honour the court's decision'

"It's a historic judgement, this was a long pending issue. Further, I'd like to say that everyone should honour the court's decision. We must look forward to developing the nation and all communities and religion must work towards nation-building," he said. 

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'We don't suppress issues'

Gautam Gambhir also attacked the previous governments and said the issue would have been solved much earlier if parties had not suppressed the issue for so long.

"This matter would have been solved earlier if other parties would have liked. But that's the difference between Bhartiya Janata Party and other parties, we don't suppress issue we look for their solutions. This is why I'd like to appeal that people must work toward taking the country forward and this is a balanced decision," Gautam Gambhir said. 

Speaking about the implementation of the verdict the BJP MP said he is sure it will be smooth. "I am sure the implementation of the verdict will also be as smooth as the verdict. Like you saw earlier, be it Article 370, triple talaq and now the Ram Mandir issue, we are a party that likes to find solutions to issues. This also gives out a nice message to the society, you see a Ram Mandir will be built there and 5-acre land will also be given for a Masjid. 

Across the country, messages to maintain peace and harmony have been pouring in. Maharashtra Chief Minister also welcomed the decision and said people should respect the Supreme Court's decision. "For future also, my request is that all religions and communities should readily accept this outcome. Everyone should contribute to maintaining peace and harmony," the CM said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also appealed to the citizens to maintain peace on Twitter ahead of the verdict on Friday.

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Supreme Court's judgement on Ayodhya dispute

The Supreme Court on Saturday delivered a unanimous judgment in the title suit of the disputed area awarding it to the Hindu parties for the construction of a temple. It also directed the Centre to come up with a scheme within three months to set up a trust which will hand over the outer courtyard and inner courtyard of the site for construction of a temple. The Court also stated that an alternate land of 5 acres is to be allotted to Muslims for the liberty of constructing a mosque, either by the central government or the State government. 

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