'Giant' Kidney Weighing 7kgs Taken Out Of Goan Man At Mumbai Hospital

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Doctors from Mumbai have successfully removed 'giant' kidneys from a Goan man's abdominal area that reportedly weighed 7 kg and 5.8 kg respectively.

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Doctors from Mumbai have successfully removed 'giant' kidneys from a Goan man's abdominal area that reportedly weighed 7 and 5.8kg respectively. According to reports, Roman Pereira was suffering from a life-threatening genetic condition that led to the failure of both his kidney. He went through a successful kidney transplant in December of last year at Parel’s Global Hospital. 

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Rare genetic condition

According to reports, 41-year-old Pereira suffered from a genetic condition called Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD), where normal kidney tissues are replaced with cysts. The life-threatening genetic condition resulted in Pereira's kidneys measuring 26 and 21cm in length, which should normally be 8-10cm long. As per reports, the condition is rare as it is seen in around 5% of patients who develop kidney failure. 

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Dr. Pradeep Rao, one of the surgeons told the press that the kidneys were so large that they couldn't take the laparoscopic approach and went for open surgery instead. Media reports suggested that Pereira's life was saved through a swap transplant where his wife gave her kidney to another patient, whose wife in return donated her kidney to Roman. According to reports, Periera's wife Placima wanted to give her kidney but due to her unmatchable blood group, she was ruled out. 

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Doctors found a similar case of a couple, Nitin and Radha, where the wife wanted to donate her kidney to her husband but couldn't because of incompatible tissue type. So the doctors suggested that the couple swap the kidneys with each other. After both the side agreed, the doctors transplanted Radha's kidney into Pereira and Placima's kidney into Nitin. 

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