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'Girls Drugged, Beaten With Sticks, Raped': CBI’s 73 Page Charge-sheet Reveals Horrific Details Of The Muzaffarpur Mass Rape Case

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Published:


  • The CBI has filed a 73-page chargesheet on Monday against 21 people including Brajesh Thakur in the Muzaffarpur shelter home case
  • Over 30 girls were allegedly raped at the shelter home
  • The horrific details in the charge-sheet reveal that the victims were drugged, beaten with sticks, and raped

The CBI has filed a 73-page charge-sheet on Monday against 21 people including Brajesh Thakur in the Muzaffarpur shelter home case. The charge-sheet reveals ghastly details that the victims had to endure at the shelter home at the hands of those who were supposed to protect and care for them.

The accounts by the victims in the charge-sheet narrate a bone-chilling tale of how authorities and staff meant to be caretakers turned into perpetrators. The accounts reveal that the girls were not only sedated and sexually assaulted by several men including Thakur and his close aides, but were also beaten up with sticks and made to wear skimpy clothes and dance.

The female staff in the shelter home did not prevent the girls from getting abused nor did they alert the authorities. Instead, they beat them whenever they complained about those men who reported instances of abuse.

As per the accounts, the female staff fed them sedatives at night saying they were deworming pills. The victims said that when they gained conscious they found that their clothes would be taken off, there would be severe pain in their private parts. Some of them also said that uncles would come to their bedrooms at night.

Muzaffarpur shelter home case: Girls put through horrific abuse by Brajesh Thakur and aides, reveals chargesheet filed by CBI

The chargesheet filed by the CBI: 


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The Supreme Court in October had termed as "horrible", "scary" and "terrible" the details placed before it by the CBI in the Muzaffarpur shelter home case in which several girls were allegedly raped and sexually abused.

The apex court perused the status report filed by the CBI and said that "shocking" details have emerged including that the girls being sedated. "What is this sedation on the children? What is this going on? This is terrible," said the court, observing that allegations levelled by CBI against the prime accused Brajesh Thakur were  "very serious".

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CBI had told the Supreme Court that nine accused in the case were interrogated by the probe team but all of them have narrated exactly the same facts and this showed that Thakur had "tutored" them.

He said the four-storeyed premises, from where the shelter home in Muzzafarpur was being run, had walls of 50 feet height without any ventilation and the situation there was worse than a jail.

When the bench asked Bihar about this building, the state's counsel said they would take steps in this regard and issue show cause notice to the owner.

The CBI had also informed the court that they were also conducting investigation into the aspect of how state's social welfare department had allegedly shifted some girls from the shelter home run by Thakur in March this year.

The amicus said that Thakur should be transferred to a jail outside Bihar and the trial of the case should also be shifted from Muzaffarpur to Patna.

Over 30 girls were allegedly raped at the shelter home. The alleged sexual exploitation of the girls was first highlighted in an audit report submitted by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) to the state's social welfare department.

An FIR was lodged against 11 people, including Thakur, on May 31. The probe was later taken over by the CBI.