Government Seeks Unedited Videos Aired By International Media Houses On Kashmir, Expands Crackdown On Fake News Beyond Twitter

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In a major impact on Republic TV's campaign against fake news on Twitter, MHA has now increased its periphery from Twitter to other social networks, sources said.

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In a major impact on Republic TV's campaign against fake news on Twitter, the Home MInistry has called upon a delegation from international media asking them to show unedited version of the videos they had played to prove that they weren't doctored. International broadcasting houses BBC and Aljazeera have claimed unrest and use of force in Kashmir after abrogation of Article 370. Now, the delegation of both broadcasting houses are going to meet the govt representatives this week with unedited videos which they had aired, sources said. They had sort some time to present the original video, sources added.

MHA has also increased its periphery from Twitter to other social networks, sources said. As per inputs recieved by Republic, URLS of handles peddling fake news are to be banned - sources also said that 38 such URL hosting anti national content are to be banned. While investigating and curbing fake news propaganda, the MHA also found that a dozen of such portals are been run from overseas. The process of the same that is MHA will tell Information and Broadcast ministry to act on it and take relavant steps. 

Earlier in the day, the Information and Technology Ministry (IT Ministry) on Tuesday, has reportedly invoked Section 69 (A) of the Information Technology Act and will write to Twitter to allegedly block a number of accounts for their 'anti-India rants', according to sources. Sources further report that the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has directed the IT Ministry to act immediately. The MHA has reportedly shortlisted a list of more than 100 accounts - of which a dozen accounts have been red-flagged for immediate action.

Republic speaks to Ravi Shankar Prasad over fake news on Twitter:

Speaking to the law minister on Monday, Republic TV 's Editor-In-Chief asked if the Information and Broadcasting ministry will take any step against Pak stooges warmongering or fearmongering and spreading fake news regarding the situation in Kashmir as well as about media, Prasad responded by saying:

"I will look at the matter once I get back to Delhi. Indian digital space are not allowed to be abused by ISI agents, if still abuse is going on by fake news, we will surely take stern action. I will return to Delhi, see the complaint filed by Republic. I will follow up with Twitter. I will examine the matter. My system will talk to Twitter, not me. Let me return to Delhi I will look at the entire situation matter itself and we welcome Twitter and social media platofrm for communication and freedom of ideas, but let me be clear any attack on indias integrity. I will look into the matter I promise," he assured.

J&K Administration Confirms Action On Twitter Fake-news Accounts, Says 'handles Identified & Sent, Demanded Blocking'

Jammu and Kashmir Police's step against Twitter:

In a massive crackdown on propagating fake news about Kashmir, The Superintendent of Srinagar Police, on Monday, has sent an official letter to Twitter asking it to share Twitter user 'WSK' (@WajSKhan)'s registered email Id, his mobile number, IP address, and any other access details. The superintendent has also highlighted the gravity of the situation stating that the tweets of the user has the potential to aggravate the situation further and endanger lives of the general public in Kashmir.

CRPF calls out vile and fake Kashmir propaganda on Twitter, busts malicious attempt with scorching statement

Republic's campaign against fake news on Twitter:

 ISI-backed Pakistani stooge Zaid Zaman Hamid's Twitter account has been withheld in India. Republic has been exposing Pakistan's anti-India propaganda machinery of which people like Hamid were part of. Hamid's social media account, especially on Twitter, is among several others which have been fearmongering and warmongering on the issue of the integration of Kashmir with the rest of India. The tactics used by such account is to circulate misinformation full of vile and hate through doctored videos with the purpose of inciting violence.

Republic has been exposing these handles on social media and has been been a target of such accounts, as one of them, used the channel's content and distorted it to manufacture lies. Such incidences rose notoriously during and after Kashmir's integration with India.Republic had formally taken up the issue with Twitter. When Republic reported on Twitter's inaction, the Pak-stooge began an ISI-backed campaign against the channel. Republic has continued to report fake news propaganda machinery on social media.

IT Ministry Cracks Down On Twitter Accounts Peddling Anti-India Fake News, Invokes Section 69(A) Of IT Act: Sources

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