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Gujarat: 29 Nizamuddin Attendees Traced In Ahmedabad, All Test Negative For COVID-19

Total 29 attendees of Nizamuddin Jamaat organised in Delhi were traced in Ahmedabad and all of them have tested negative for COVID-19, a state official informed

A total of 29 attendees of Nizamuddin Jamaat organised in Delhi were traced in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat, and all of them have tested negative for COVID-19, a state official informed on Tuesday. Of these, 27 people belong to other states, who after attending the Nizamuddin congregation in Delhi, travelled to Ahmedabad. The other two people were caretakers from the city itself. 

"These people were located in the Dariyapur area and were tested negative for Covornavirus. Since their incubation period of 14 days is also complete, they are therefore safe," the official told Republic TV.

The police have tracked their travel history, and it was found that the one group came to Ahmedabad on March 12, while the other group reached on March 15. 

Additionally, ensuring that a complete lockdown is followed in the state in the wake of COVID-19 scare, the Ahmedabad police have detained a total of 726 vehicles since the first day of the lockdown. The police are also using drones for detecting crowded areas and have already filed 15 such cases. For people who have violated Section 188 of the CrPC, a total of 115 cases have been registered, the official said. 

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10% of India's Coronavirus cases have a direct link to Nizamuddin gathering

In a massive development, over 10% of India's total Coronavirus positive cases at the moment have now been found to have a direct link to the Nizamuddin Congregation held in south Delhi in mid-March. The religious programme was organised at Tablighi Jamaat's headquarters Markaz Nizamuddin mosque between March 13-15 which had over 3000 attendees.

From Uttar Pradesh's Ahmednagar-two people, Telangana-13 people, Tamil Nadu-over 80 attendees, Andhra Pradesh-50 attendees, Andaman & Nicobar islands-9 people, Haryana-four attendees, and Maharashtra and Puddhucheerry-two attendees each tested positive. Also, six attendees from Telangana and one from Jammu Kashmir are reported dead. 

During the tracing operation, the government found out that 14 attendees from Meerut were staying in a cleric's house. Also, 19 foreigners were staying in a mosque. Eight Indonesian attendees were found in the mosque in Bijnor. 14 attendees found in Shamli and 12 from Kazakhstan in a mosque in Patna. Apart from those, 47 foreigners including 22 from Kazakhstanfound were found in Saharanpur.

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What is the Nizamuddin COVID-19 scare?

A religious program organized at Tablighi Jamaat's headquarters Markaz Nizamuddin mosque between 13-15 March was attended by over 3,000 people, from India and abroad, who since dispersed. After attending the meeting, which took place prior to the nationwide lockdown but after the Delhi government's own directive against such gatherings, many of the attendees returned to other parts of the country, with the spread of the COVID-19 virus now being confirmed from numerous states as a result. India's Coronavirus cases have now risen beyond 1600, with over 160 confirmed positive from the Nizamuddin Congregation.

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