Gujarat Exodus Investigation: Stung Aide Of Alpesh Thakor Admits Congress Role In Spreading Hate-Campaign Against Non-Gujaratis

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Republic TV’s Priyanka Sharma stung Jagat Thakor, the Ahmedabad Chief of the Thakor Sena, who admitted Congress role in the tensions in Gujarat.

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Thousands and Thousands of migrant workers from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are fleeing the state of Gujarat after being attacked continuously. Congress MLA Alpesh Thakor who is facing allegations of inciting Thakor community has refuted the allegations but now in a sting operation carried out by Republic TV on a top aide of Alpesh Thakor, his claim has been contradicted. Republic TV’s Priyanka Sharma stung Jagat Thakor, the Ahmedabad Chief of the Thakor Sena, who admitted Congress role in the tensions in Gujarat.

When Jagat Thakor was asked about the arrest of a Congress member for inflicting violence, Thakor admitted it and said:

“Yes, there are people from Congress but if you look at the situation, there are people living in our village and till now they have not faced any trouble so far, they've been living in our village for years. The person you are talking about is from the they Congress and is also member of Thakor community. So, that sentiment is there, that a child from our community had to go through this. Yes, I admit  what they did is wrong, the guilty should be punished, the innocent people who are living in the village have no clue about what is happening. Today, they are being chased out and beaten up, they don't even know why are they being attacked. The attackers know the reason but the one being targeted doesn't know why he is being beaten up and driven out. The situation has become such that, for example in our village if somebody comes and creates trouble, boys from our village will be blamed.”

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Jagat Thakor also stuck to the stance of Alpesh Thakor against non-Gujaratis and that they are getting priority over the Gujarati folk in the state, however, he also said that he was talking specifically about the people from his area.

“What happened during that time was that industries that were coming up and we had requested to the government that Gujaratis should get jobs and the ones coming from outside too, and the ones who are residents of this area should be given jobs. For example, if a company comes to our village then the people from our village should be given first preference, it is not that outsiders should not get preference at all, we had made our recommendation clear demand but what did the government do? They created an impression that all outsiders should be removed. we only spoke about employment to people from this area,” said Jagat Thakor.

Republic TV, earlier in the day, accessed a video wherein Alpesh Thakor can be seen making a divisive speech, thirteen days before tension began in Gujarat. In the video, Thakor can be seen saying, “These people who have come from outside they commit crime over here (unclear) and then beat our villagers in their own village.”

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Jagat Thakor then shockingly justified the violence and said “This is anger of the people,” adding that “a people from one community can’t be blamed for the attacks.

“This is anger of the people. If something happens and people indulge in vandalism, so one community is not responsible for it. What is happening in one community is being blamed for the attacks and somebody creates ruckus, okay. So, one community is not responsible for this. Okay,”he said.

Further justifying violence, he said, “Understand, that if something terrible happens with a 14-month-old girl, anyone will be outraged and indulge in violence.”

Thakor further said that in every community there are bad people and good people and those who don’t understand right from wrong are resorting to violence.

“We have a community and I cannot say that every person in the community is good, there are bad people too. Some people who don't have knowledge, they don't know that people shouldn't be driven out. They don't know about what's happening, they do not watch TV and are not on social media either. They are the kinds who hear something bad has happened to a community member and so revenge must be taken. Many people have this mindset too,”said Jagat Thakor.

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