Gujarat Hate Politics: Police Confirm Congress Leader MV Thakore's Role In Threatening Non-Gujaratis After The Rape Of A Toddler

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The Gujarat police officials have identified the man who was seen threatening non-Gujaratis in a video. The Police has confirmed that the man in the footage is an elected local Taluka Panchayat member of Congress named MV Thakore.

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The Gujarat police officials have identified the man who was seen threatening non-Gujaratis in a video. The Police has confirmed that the man in the footage is an elected local Taluka Panchayat member of Congress named MV Thakore. The police officials have also arrested three other people who were seen in the video with Thakore as well, however, MV Thakore is absconding as of now. 

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Earlier on Sunday, Gujarat Police arrested over 300 people in connection with the attacks on migrants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh over rape of a toddler on September 28. Gujarat Police chief Shivanand Jha said that 342 people were arrested from six districts in as many as 42 cases of attacks on migrants. Less than 10 days after a 14-month-old was raped in Sabarkantha by a Bihar man, an 'exodus' sort of situation has struck Gujarat, with non-Gujarati's, especially the migrants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, fleeing the state over the fear of backlash.

A number of migrant workers from the two northern states have been leaving Gujarat via trains and buses after a social media campaign against the rape turned into violence.

It has been found out that the Thakor Sena, headed by Congress MLA Alpesh Thakor, has been instigating the hate campaign against the Bihar and UP people, which has forced them to leave the state.

Speaking on the measures taken to tackle this situation, DGP Shivanand Jha told ANI on Sunday, "17 company & 1 platoon of State Reserve Police (SRP) deployed in the affected districts. 42 cases registered; 342 people arrested till now. Probe underway."

The exodus and attacks have come after hate messages started circulating on social media, calling people to come together and take revenge for the 14-month-old baby. 

In a video accessed by Republic TV, a man could be seen threatening a migrant worker in the state. 

MV Thakor, Congress leader: Bhaiyya, are you alone or is there someone else?

Migrant: There are 4-5 of us...

MV Thakor, Congress leader: Call them, I want to talk to them. Where are they now?

Migrant: I and kaka are here as of now

MV Thakor, Congress leader: Call them...

Migrant: I am calling- they are coming, let them at least put their clothes on

MV Thakor, Congress leader: Where are you from?

Migrant: Bihar

MV Thakor, Congress leader: Bihar, you?

Migrant: MP

MV Thakor, Congress leader: From MP.

MV Thakor, Congress leader: Do you know, it's already made up in our Gujarat. What do you know?

MV Thakor, Congress leader: (unclear)

MV Thakor, Congress leader: No, in our Gujarat it's already made up...

MV Thakor, Congress leader: (unclear)...Our Thakore's... Our Thakore's daughter was 14 months old when she was raped, do you know that? You don't know that? What do you know? Every one in Gujarat knows. Everyone in India knows it. 

Migrant: (unclear)

MV Thakor, Congress leader:  what I am telling you. I won't say it again. (unclear) very politely. Just listen to me. I had also posted on Whatsapp. You must not have heard. In two days, one day has gone by, by tomorrow 9 (unclear) All from UP and Bihar should leave Gujarat. We are here to tell you very politely. 

Migrant: Okay

MV Thakor, Congress leader: because my daughter was just 14 months old, not 14 years old. You don't know this. What if it was your daughter?

Migrant: It's wrong

MV Thakor, Congress leader: Yeah, it is wrong. My daughter was 14 months old. She was community's daughter. The daughter of Thakore community was raped. You would know about this? The news has spread everywhere. In gujarat, (unclear) it was on TV. You must have seen. And you say you don't know!! You are lying...

Migrant- (unclear)

MV Thakor, Congress leader: Ok, ok. That's fine. I am here to warn you. Tomorrow by 9pm. What's the time right now? Just look. 

Migrant: it's 9pm.

MV Thakor, Congress leader: It's 9:30? Tomorrow by 9.30. I dont want you here. Just listen to me. I don't want you in this village. Tomorrow morning as soon as your train arrives, you have to leave this village. I don't want anyone from UP and Bihar in my village. Because my daughter wasn't 14 years old she was 14 months old. That's why I am telling you. I am telling you today. By tomorrow morning just leave. I will come tomorrow by 9 to check, entire Gandhinagar will  come to check. Entire Gujarat will come..Thakore community will come to check. Then don't say that I haven't warned you.

Migrant: We will leave.

MV Thakor, Congress leader: Okay? Leave by tomorrow morning. 

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