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Gyanvapi Survey: First Visuals Of Shivling's Location Inside Mosque Premises Accessed

Republic TV has accessed the first exclusive visuals of the location where 'Shivling' was found inside Gyanvapi Mosque premises.


In a massive development, Republic TV on Monday has accessed the first visuals of the location where 'Shivling' was found inside Gyanvapi Mosque premises. The Shivling was found inside the mosque area during the 3-day video survey that was ordered by the court. A Varanasi court directed the sealing of the spot shortly after the 'Shivling' was allegedly discovered.

First visuals of the location where Shivling was found 

In the visuals, Namaz is observed on the left and on the right, a pond under a shed can be seen, which is used for Wuzu - an Islamic procedure for cleansing parts of the body, a type of ritual purification before offering namaz. Republic TV has learnt that the Shivling was found buried inside the pond during the video survey of the complex.

Varanasi Court orders sealing of spot where 'Shivling' was found

A Varanasi court directed the sealing of the spot on the Gyanvapi mosque premises where a 'Shivling' was allegedly discovered. Varanasi's Civil Judge (Senior Division) Ravi Kumar Diwakar's order came on an application filed by the Hindu side's advocate Harishankar Jain informing the court that a 'Shivling' was found during the survey conducted by the team led by the court commissioner.

Besides demanding the immediate sealing of the spot, he sought the court's direction to allow only 20 Muslims to offer Namaz and prohibit them from performing Wuzu.

The court ruled, "The Varanasi District Magistrate is instructed that the place where the Shivling was found should be immediately sealed. No person should be permitted entry there. The Varanasi District Magistrate, Police Commissioner, Police Commissionerate and CRPF commandant, Varanasi are directed that they will be personally responsible to guard and keep safe the place that has been sealed." The matter will now be heard on Tuesday when the survey report is likely to be submitted to the court.

Exclusive details of Gyanvapi survey

Though the court committee members have not divulged details of the survey, sources claim that the team discovered soil in the fifth basement of the complex. The team suspects that soil was recently brought inside the complex to obliterate the evidence. Committee members have raised suspicions over the use of white cement to 'destroy' idols on the premises. 

On Saturday and Sunday, videography of two basements was completed using special cameras. The first survey was conducted near the frill on the ground floor, sources said. The surveyors were not allowed to enter with mobile phones. Snake charmers were also called after learning about the presence of snakes in the complex.

Row over Gyanvapi survey

The Gyanvapi Mosque is located close to the iconic Kashi Vishwanath temple and the two monuments share the same complex. Last month, a Varanasi local court had ordered a videography survey of the Masjid complex following a suit filed by a group of women seeking permission for daily prayers before idols located on its outer walls. The survey, which was halted due to opposition from the Mosque authorities, resumed on May 14 following a local court order.


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