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Haryana Land Deals: Robert Vadra's Signature May Be The Smoking Gun Indicating His Involvement

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Republic TV has accessed documents regarding the land deals of Robert Vadra's company that bear his signature
  • The signatures have come to light for the first time, just a day after Vadra made politically-themed remarks
  • In response to Vadra seemingly heralding his entry into mainstream politics, the BJP has accused the Congress of promoting dynasty

Just a day after Congress president Rahul Gandhi's brother-in-law Robert Vadra made politically-themed remarks that belied his purported 'private citizen' standing, Republic TV has, for the first time, accessed documents relating to Vadra's company's deals that bear his signature.

The documents that Republic TV has exclusively accessed, of which there are over a hundred, reveal that Vadra, in his capacity as director of Sky Light Hospitality, had in February 2008 authorised and empowered an employee of his company named Sushil Kumar to work with the then BS Hooda-led Haryana government's Town and Country planning department on securing requisite certificates and land use permissions over a land parcel in the Gurgaon district's Shikohpur village.

The documents bear the signatures of not only Robert Vadra but also his mother Maureen, who is a co-director in a number of his companies, many of which have come under the scanner over the last few years, particularly through the Dhingra Commission, which was constituted for that purpose in 2015.

Republic TV confronted Robert Vadra over his signature, but rather than answering, Vadra got into his car and departed.

The revelation regarding his signatures comes just a day after Vadra seemed to herald his own arrival on the political stage following a visit to the Tirumala shrine in Tirupati. Claiming to be on a spiritual journey and sporting such an appearance, Vadra spoke about bringing about change in the country:

"A change is required and I feel the change will come. I think, my family is working very hard. Rahul is working very hard and we are always there to support. Priyanka and myself are always there to support Rahul and I think things will change. Very soon you guys will see a big change coming about and I think people want the change."

He also, without getting into specifics, spoke about the need to be secular:

"I can see that they (people) have suffered a lot and we all need to be secular, which is most important in our country and I think a change is going to come about."

WATCH: After 'private Citizen' Robert Vadra Gets Political During Spiritual Journey, BJP Cites Lateral Entry To Congress High-command

Robert Vadra also issued a post on Facebook where he shared a number of photos of his Tirupati visit and described it in great detail. He concluded his post by writing:

"I'm glad I was part of this great experience and I wanted it to be shared with all. My best wishes to everyone. Jai Govinda"

Shortly after, the BJP slammed the Congress party over dynastic politics, with party spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra opining that Vadra had been hinting upon his lateral entry into the Congress party with the intention of occupying a seat of power. 

"But he (Vadra) must realise that this country doesn't belong to a dynasty. Dynasty politics can't further the agenda of governance", Dr Sambit Patra said. 

The Congress, however, via former Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat, resorted to the 'private citizen' defence again, by saying that everyone has a right to appreciate 'a certain gesture', and that Vadra was simply appreciating the pains taken by Rahul Gandhi. However, Rawat also teased that Vadra could enter politics, declining to reveal details in order to 'save something for surprises.'

Watch the video above for a detailed report and visuals of the documents in question.


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