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Exam hall discrimination | Hindu Women In Telangana Forced To Remove Mangalsutras; Muslims Donning Burqa Allowed

In Telangana, Hindu women were allegedly asked to remove their ornaments before entering the exam while Muslim women were allowed without any restrictions

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A massive controversy broke out between BJP and Telangana governments after a shocking video where an incident of discrimination was captured outside an examination centre between women of two different communities. The incident happened on October 16 (Sunday) when Group-1 preliminary examination was organised by Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) in Adilabad. 

Exam hall discrimination in Telangana

Republic TV has learnt that the examination was conducted by the Vidhyarthi Junior and degree college in Adilabad, where Hindu women were allegedly asked by the security personnel to remove all their belongings before entering the exam centre. They were even asked to remove their ornaments like rings, anklets, bangles, toe rings & mangalsutra. The women were seen embarrassed while removing their ornaments as they handed them over to their relatives. 

On the other hand, Muslim women donning burqas were allowed to enter the premises of the same examination centre without any restrictions. 

According to the sources, the Adilabad SP stated that initially, it was the 'mistake of one officer'.(RMO) but later the police officials intervened and stopped the action.

BJP slams Telangana govt

Meanwhile, BJP has now raised the matter and slammed the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government for such discriminatory action and accused them of doing minority appeasement. BJP leader and SC advocate Nalin Kohli said, "When anybody goes for an examination all the candidates need to be treated equally. They all have to be checked. But you cannot have two sets of standards in the same examination centre for the ladies who are appearing for the exam. And what's coming out of Telangana is disturbing as per the reports those women in burqas were not checked".

He further added, "There are claims and allegations of women being asked to remove their mangalsutras. You can expect this kind of discrimination at the gate of the examination hall. The institution and examination are not religious by any nature, it is secular. Therefore, either both would have been checked or none of them. Telangana government will have to look into this and come out clean, the officials also will have to explain why they resorted to this kind of discrimination".

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