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HORRIFIC: Troupe Of 42 Women Dancers Attacked, Molested And Forced To Strip By 700-strong Mob Of Men At Cultural Event In Assam, Protests Break Out

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:

In an absolutely shocking and horrific incident, a group of 42 women belonging to a dance troupe named Rainbow Dance Group were molested and forced to strip in front of 700-800 men during a cultural event in Asolpara in Chaygaon area near Guwahati, Assam.

The incident took place on June 7 when the dance troupe was invited by the organisers to perform at a cultural event in Guwahati, Assam. However, when the dance group reached the event venue, they found men forcing them to strip naked and dance and were molested by the mob. The dancers had come all the way to the village of Asolpara in Assam to perform at the event.

An FIR was lodged with the Assam police, a day after the horrifying incident. While the police have made seven arrests so far in connection with the case, many are still on the run. The alleged main suspect in the case, Kuddus Ali, who has been identified as the alleged organiser of the event, is still absconding, as per inputs. According to the FIR filed by the group of dancers, six girls from the group were forcefully taken to a tin sheet enclosure, where the mob prodded and pulled at their outfits and demanded they dance naked.

"When we went there that day they said that the programme was there in Somoria but actually it was not there. They came to receive us. And similarly at first they said it was a Bihu function but once we reach there we found out that it was a ticket show. As soon as we reached the started misbehaving with us. They said that we need to do nude dance. Why would we do nude dance and they said that we went there from Kokrajhar which was again a lie. They misinformed our sir about everything and took us there. We had no choice left.. They forced us saying that they will stab us with degar (A traditional Assamese knife) and threatened us. We were very scared and somehow we managed till the police came. One of our colleagues was kicked on the stage. and then we saw a little hole in the bamboo wall barricade through which we ran away," recounted one of the girls of the dance group. 

Speaking in the matter, BJP leader and Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that he has spoken to the SP of the district and has assured that the molesters will be arrested and strict punishment will be given to them. 

"I have already spoken with the SP of Kamrup district. The Chief Minister has also instructed and I have also spoken with the SP of the district that immediate action should be taken on the goons who attacked the girls and the dance group. Those who harassed the dance group should be arrested immediately and will be punished at the earliest," Sarma said speaking to the media. 

Meanwhile, the National Commission for Women has taken cognisance of the incident and has taken up the matter with the Assam Police. 

In the aftermath of the incident, huge protests have been carried out by people on the streets in Boko, Assam. 

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