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How associates Of Gangsters Rinda, Landa & Dalla Remain A Threat To National Security

While most accomplices of Landa, Rinda and Dalla are arrested, a large number of associates are still absconding and prove to be a threat to national security.

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The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on July 23 filed a chargesheet against Harwinder Singh alias Rinda, Arshdeep Dalla and Lakhbir Singh alias Landa along with their other associates.

While the chargesheet that has been filed will be taken cognisance of on August 11, the NIA has been quite scathing of its allegations against Rinda, Dalla and Landa and have accused them of being involved with Khalistani outfits that are financing narco-terror activities and have also accused Landa and Rinda of being involved in the RPG attack that took place in the Punjab Police Intelligence Headquarters in Mohali.

Republic Digital tried to find out about the associates and criminal elements who have been associated with this trio not only within but also outside the country and the associates' modus operandi.

It is important to note that while Rinda, as per law enforcement officials, is associated with Babbar Khalsa International, Arshdeep Dalla is associated with Khalistan Tiger Force and Landa is associated with Babbar Khalsa International.

Arshdeep Dalla earlier used to be working alongside Hardeep Singh Nijjhar for carrying out anti-national activities like supply of arms, drugs and carrying out targetted killings. Hardeep Singh Nijjhar is said to have died under mysterious circumstances in June this year.

Dalla is now believed to be working with Sukhdool Singh who is also based in Canada. Sukhdool also has his connections with Bambiha-Patyal gang (The gang which is rival to Lawrence Bishnoi-Goldy Brar gang) and is in touch with them for criminal activities.

Harjot Singh who is reportedly believed to be hiding in USA is also in touch with Rinda and Landa. Satbir Singh Satta is another radical element who is believed to be helping Rinda and Landa in anti-national activities.

Large number of associates of Rinda, Landa and Dalla on the run, remain a threat for national security

Not only in North America but even in Dubai and Nepal reportedly, the associates of Landa, Rinda and Dalla have been found to be having a strong base.

Kashmir Singh Galwadi is a terrorist who has a reward sum of Rs.10 lakh put on him recently by NIA was believed to be hiding in Nepal and is believed to be the mastermind of the Nabha jailbreak case in 2016 where several dreaded gangsters were freed.

Tarsem Singh, the brother of Landa is believed to be hiding in Dubai. Not only outside but there is also a strong network within the country as well that has been helping Landa, Rinda and Dalla.

Some of the gangsters who have been associated with the trio include Chottu Ram Bhaat, Kaushal Chadhury, Amit Dagar, Sukhpreet Singh, Bhupi Rana, Neeraj Bawana, Naveen Bali, Sunil Balyan and Irfan alias Chennu gang. Neeraj Bawana, Irfan, Kaushal Chadhury and Amit Dagar from the National Capital Region are also said to be associated with the trio.

Although arrested by the Delhi Police Special Cell first under MCOCA in 2022, Neeraj Bawana still has a strong influence in Outer Delhi, West Delhi, parts of Haryana and Punjab.

There have been 19 cases that have been registered against him that includes extortion, usupring properties, murder and attempt to murder. With strong political connections and having a hold over more than 12 small gangs, his criminal influence still remains despite being in jail.

In the North East Delhi side, there is Irfan alias Chenu gang that has 25 cases registered against him which involves extortion, illegal gamblings, drug trafficking, murder, and attempt to murder. In Gurugram, Kaushal Chadhury and Amit Dagar continue to hold influence. In order to weaken them, the NIA had recently attached houses of Kaushal Chadhury and Amit Dagad in Gurugram.

While most of the members of Landa, Rinda and Dalla have been arrested, a large number of associates are still absconding and prove to be a threat to national security.

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