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How To Register For COVID On Co-WIN? Is There A Vaccine Certificate? Co-WIN Chief Answers

As Government announced vaccination for 18 years & above from May 1, Co-Win Chief R S Sharma explained the registration process and importance of certificate.


Update: Subsequent to the interview, the Health Minister has updated that registrations for people over 18 years of age will begin on April 28

Ahead of the next phase of vaccinations that will begin from May 1 as announced by the Government, Co-WIN application Chief RS Sharma spoke exclusively to Republic on Thursday clarifying doubts regarding registration and other formalities. As the current situation of COVID-19 is at its worst, the government opened up 'vaccination for all' campaign with a goal to curb the spread. As per RS Sharma, adults above the age of 18 will be able to start registering within 48 hours.

RS Sharma talked viewers through the registration process: 

"Registration can be done by using the mobile phones, getting OTP, creating their account, and then making registrations here on," added Cowin chairperson RS Sharma.

He further enlightened that for the registration purpose it is not necessary to go through the Co-WIN application because now industrial organizations can also purchase the vaccines and vaccinate their own employees; however, at the same time people going to hospitals to get vaccinated must register and get an appointment to avoid large gatherings. He urged citizens to maintain COVID appropriate behaviour at the centres. 

Information on Co-WIN registration for vaccines for 18-year-olds

Once registration is done, the applicant will be able to see nearby vaccination centres provided that those centres have updated their process and schedule, according to RS Sharma. For this, he urged the vaccination centres to register their drive information so that people can take appointments. The Co-WIN Chief also spoke about how vaccination centres can register - they only have to reach out to the District immunization officer and they will create credentials that can be used for planning and scheduling sessions. 

After verification on the application by giving the One Time Password (OTP), users will have to give a photo id card,  information regarding which photo id will be brought to the centre, in which there are all the options including Aadhaar card, voter id, passport and etc. Lastly, users will only have to give their name, gender and birth date to register themselves.

Importance of Digital Vaccination Certificate

While talking about the vaccine certificate process, RS Sharma added that the digitally verified certificates have been made which are "unique". He went on to mention that World Health Organization (WHO) standards are adopted so that these certificates are accepted internationally and can be used for travelling, employers who are hiring from abroad, and in various other situations. 

Moreover, these certificates might also help during other types of vaccination and tests as well. The facility of recording real-time vaccination event is also done which is called Immutable Vaccination Event Record (IVER) and details of it can be found on the dashboard of Co-WIN application. The dashboard that RS Sharma describes as "beautiful" also gives pictures of vaccination getting done. 

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