'Howdy Modi' Is A Reflection Of India-US Economic Ties, Says Dawra

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Preeti Dawra, spokesperson of Texas India Forum said that PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Houston for the event is a reflection of the growing economic ties.

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Preeti Dawra, spokesperson of Texas India Forum, on late Friday night, while addressing a press conference about the upcoming event ‘Howdy Modi’, said that PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Houston for the event is a reflection of the growing economic ties between India and Texas.

Many leaders will attend the event

She, while pointing out the fact that many leaders, mayors and governors will be attending the event, said, “They will be able to showcase the growing US-India geopolitical partnership which some would argue is committed to advancing global peace and prosperity through entrepreneurship, hard work and sacrifice of people of both nations.”

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Economic ties between India and Texas

She went on to talk about the economic partnership between Houston and India and said, “Texas accounts for 10 per cent of India-US trade. About $7 billion worth of US goods and commodities are moved between Texas and India. Some of the largest companies in India are setting up their headquarters all over Texas, creating jobs, creating opportunities for Americans and for Indian Americans. Houston too has a growing engagement with India.”

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She also added that Houston is the 4th largest trading partner with India and is just behind Brazil and Mexico. She also said that Texas has a large influx of Indian people and investments. While talking of Houston, she said that Houston is uniquely positioned to hold the Howdy Modi event because of the energy and space and also because of it being the medical capital.

She mentioned that the event is a collaborative effort of over 600 organisations and 1000 volunteers attendees from all 50 states working together and that it could very well turn out to be the largest volunteer-driven event hosted in the US.

Further, she went on to talk about US President Donald Trump and PM Narendra Modi sharing a stage at the event and said, “The presence of these two leaders is also a sign of the influence of Indo-Americans and their invaluable contribution to Texas and the United States. She also added, “ PM’s visit to Houston is also a reflection of the growing economic ties between India and Texas.”

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Howdy Modi is a grand community summit which is being hosted by Texas India Forum (TIF) for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday at the NRG Stadium in Houston where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing the Indian-Americans. 
The event happens to be one of the many major foreign events that PM Modi has been a part of, during his term, so far. The event website mentions that the crowd turnout is expected to be the largest for any Indian Prime Minister and for a democratically elected foreign leader in the country with about 50,000 people expected to attend the event.

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The term 'Howdy' is commonly used in the southwestern United States and is a shorthand for “How do you do?". There is a lot of excitement amongst the people for the event. One can clearly see the energy and enthusiasm of the Indian-Americans through the huge digital billboards on major highways across Houston welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Indian flags can also be seen fluttering outside their homes ahead of PM Modi’s arrival for the mega event.

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