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Hyderabad Trio Designs COVID-19 'no-code' App To Bridge Gap Between Providers And Citizens

The 'Hyderabad Covid resources' app provides leads on resources like plasma, blood banks and meal providers among other services. 

Image Credits: Republic World

Amid the second wave of the COVID-19 crisis in India, several people have scrambled to acquire resources pertaining to the Coronavirus. Many people have reached out and assisted those in need of these vital resources. In Hyderabad, three youngsters - Vensy Krishna, Medha Kadri and Abhishek Anirudhan have developed a Covid resources app. The 'Hyderabad Covid resources' app provides leads on resources like plasma, blood banks and meal providers among other services. 

'Bridging the gap between people and resource providers'

The app was designed by Hyderabad-based Vensy Krishna in a span of two hours. Moreover, the app also saw traffic of over two lakh people in five days. Interacting with Republic TV, Vensy Krishna stated that her mother contracted COVID-19 last week, wherein she struggled to find a hospital bed or other resources. Therefore, she decided to design an app that would bridge the gap between people seeking the resources and providers. 

The app has a team of over 30 volunteers who have been constantly updating the status of the directory of resources like blood, plasma, oxygen. "The latest status of numbers is given on the app which saves a lot of time for people looking for contacts," said Vensy Krishna. 

Moreover, the app also has a directory for doctors providing their services along with a news page that is updated by the reporters based in the city. Vensy further added that she works at the intersection of 'no-code' which allows people to make fast apps at an incredible speed and a negligible cost. She further added that Medha Kadri made a spreadsheet of the available resources and providers which was put in the app. 

"As a task, it is difficult to keep the spreadsheet updated. But round the clock, at least one of us is awake to ensure that the numbers are updated. We call the contact which we receive and we make sure that they are providing the said service. Additionally, there's a verification group that calls them to check if the supplies are available." said Medha Kadri. 

In addition, Abhishek Anirudhan further revealed that the app has now partnered up with the Telangana government in order to ensure a hassle-free experience. The team is also trying to figure out a way to make the app available to other cities. Moreover, the team is also aiming to launch the app in Telugu. 

The app can be downloaded from and also runs on multiple operating systems like Android and iOS. Talking about the app's reach to other cities, Vensy Krishna added that team is currently focusing on Hyderabad amid the crisis. However, she also stated that people should find solutions locally. 

"At a time like this, I feel we should innovate internally. We are doing two things - one is to design a best solution for Hyderabad's problems while we are improving the app every day based on user feedback. Secondly, we are all in this together as a country, therefore we are hosting free training sessions for people from other cities and towns to learn to build their own apps and solutions like ours." added Vensy Krishna 

Regarding the oxygen supply for hospitals, Medha stated that though the team is not completely engaged in assisting with oxygen procurement, they are instead verifying supplier leads. Urging other developers, the Hyderabad Covid Resources' team has urged people to design apps that are easy to use and understand with a simple language. Concluding her advice to other developers, Vensy Krishna has stated that accessibility should be simple along with a simple interface. Vensy has also urged developers to design an app that uses regional languages. The Hyderabad Covid Resources team is aiming to launch their app in a Telugu version. 

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