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'I Forgive Jessica's Killer Manu Sharma,' Says Sister Sabrina Lal

Written By Shatabdi Chowdhury | Mumbai | Published:


  • Sabrina Lal says she has forgiven her sister Jessica's killer Manu sharma
  • She said she won't object to his release from the jail

Twelve years after model Jessica Lal’s killer Manu Sharma was sentenced to life, her sister Sabrina Lal has come out before the media and said she has forgiven him and won’t object to his release.

As per reports, Sabrina Lal has also written a letter to the welfare officer at Delhi’s Tihar jail, where Manu Sharma has spent twelve years, saying she doesn't have any objections to his release.

While speaking to media, Sabrina said,

“He (Manu Sharma) has spent so many years in jail. If he gets out now I have no issues.”

When asked if there is any specific reason for her forgiveness, she said,

“There is no specific reason. There comes a time when you have to get rid of the baggage and have to move on.”

“When someone loses a family member, there is anger. But we believe in forgiveness,” she added.

Sabrina Lal also said that when a life is lost, nothing can compensate it.

“When someone takes a life away, nothing can compensate for it. It doesn’t matter if he spends 2 or 3 more years in jail. So, its okay if he gets out,” said Sabrina.

“He did good work in jail, so it’s okay if he gets out,” she added.

When she was asked whether she has visited Manu Sharma in jail, she said,

“I haven’t visited him personally in Tihar jail. I get information about him through my friends.

Meanwhile, Manu Sharma is doing his time in an open jail since past six months on grounds of good conduct. The 41-year-old is allowed to leave the prison every day for work and return in the evening.

Manu Sharma, who is the son of former Minister and Congress politician Venod Sharma, had shot Jessica dead when she refused to serve him liquor at Tamarind Court restaurant in South Delhi’s Mehrauli on April 29, 1999.


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