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Retd IAF Officer Praful Bakshi Calls Out 'Gunjan Saxena' Makers, Says It's 'insult To IAF'

In conversation with Republic TV on Thursday, Wing Commander Praful Bakshi (Retd.) spoke about the problematic portrayal of the IAF in film 'Gunjan Saxena'

A court case is underway against the makers of the film Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl alleging that the Indian Air Force has been shown in a very poor light. The film courted massive controversy for its portrayal of the Indian Air Force as it showed gender bias among the officers. Gunjan Saxena has now filed an affidavit at Delhi High Court and has clearly stated that she did not face any discrimination in the Indian Air Force as shown in the movie.

Wing Commander Praful Bakshi (Retd.) spoke to Republic TV and weighed in on the controversy and said that it calls for an investigation. He said, "I have been the spokesperson for the Air Force myself. In my time, we never cleared any movie until and unless they got a No Objection Committee from the Ministry of Defense and Air Headquarters. We saw the entire script and the film and we thought about how it happened. The way the film has been made.. it has been made by somebody with a very low IQ.. who has no understanding of the defense forces... He's actually made a child's drama."

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"So something has to be done very seriously about it. The Ministry of I&B must take a very serious note of it. From now, none of the films should be cleared and allowed like this. This is a total insult to the Armed Forces, a total insult to womanhood and an insult to the Women of India.", said Wing Commander Praful Bakshi (Retd.) to Republic TV.

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A case filed by the Union of India and the Indian Air Force together against Dharma Productions and Karan Johar claimed that the portrayal of the IAF in the film is very problematic. Gunjan Saxena, in her affidavit response to the Delhi High Court on Thursday, stated that she had no control over the creative liberties exercised by the makers of the movie. She also clarified that no discrimination on the basis of gender was faced by her while serving time as Flight Lieutenant during the Kargil War in 1999.
She called IAF a very progressive institution and revealed that the final script of the film was not provided to her so she could not know what was included in the movie. 

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