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IAF Shoots Down Pak's UAV After Another Airspace Violation Near Rajasthan's Bikaner

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Published:

It appears that Pakistan has not learned its lesson even after India's hard-hitting reply to it after its attempt to attack our military bases in J&K.

The country once again tried to tempt India into a conflict situation on March 4. At 11.30 am an unidentified flying object from the Pakistani side violated Indian airspace near Bikaner, say top sources. 

However, India responded quickly and the IAF jets scrambled and fired, say sources. The debris are believed to have landed on the other side near Fort Abbas, the sources added.

Sources have said that air to air mussels were deployed.

Pakistan had also attempted to violate Indian airspace on February 27, say top sources.

On the same day, there was another attempt by Pakistan's Air Force where it tried to attack and infiltrate India's military installations from Lam valley Nowshera sector.

India gave a befitting response by scrambling its aircrafts one of which even downed Pakistan's F-16.

(More details awaited)