'Idli Queen': Meet Rameshwaram's Rani Who Serves Free Idlis To Poor

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Running a small idli stall near the Agni Tirtham of the Rameshwaram temple, Rani serves the poor by providing free idlis. She cooks idlis on a wooden stove.

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Updated On:

Large-hearted idli-vendors have taken the spot-light recently throughout the country. After 82-year old Kamalathal, it's Rameshwaram's 70-year old idli vendor Rani, on Sunday, who has made the news. Running a small idli stall near the Agni Tirtham of the Rameshwaram temple, Rani serves the poor by providing free idlis. Visuals of her small blue shop where Rani cooks idlis on a wooden stove have been shared by ANI.

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The Idli 'Queen'

Speaking to ANI, Rani has said, "We have been running this shop for three generations. Following my parents, I have been serving idlis in this stall. I do not have space to put up a shop, I only use charpoy. I am doing as much as I can for the common people. If one goes to a hotel, it will cost Rs. 80. We charge Rs. 30 for a plate of idlis and vadas. If they can afford we charge them, otherwise we don't. Everybody enjoy eating my food. I use a wooden stove only for cooking food."

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Kamalathal - idli vendor with a huge heart

Similarly, Coimbatore’s M. Kamalathal an 82-year-old woman recently caught the media's eye with her selfless service to the poor and hungry daily wage workers in Coimbatore. She has been preparing and serving idlis for ₹1 since the last 30 years. Committed towards her work for the longest time, she is not sure for how long she could continue working. Kamalathal works for six and a half hours starting at 5:30 in the morning, she sells at least 400 to 500 idlis in a day.  

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Anand Mahindra's help

On Tuesday, Mahindra Chairperson Anand Mahindra tweeted an earnest request on social media to help Coimbatore 'Idli-entrepreneur' Kamalathal by providing an LPG connection. Mahindra shared her humble story on Twitter stating ' If everything you do is even a fraction as impactful as the work of people like Kamalathal'. He had offered to buy an LPG fueled stove for Kamalathal. The Mahindra Chairperson is known for his eye to spot worthy small businesses.

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BPCL's prompt response

Responding to Mahindra's request, Bharat Gas Coimbatore (BPCL) immediately issued an LPG connection to the idli-vendor. An overjoyed Mahindra thanked BPCL for gifting Kamalathal ' a gift of health'. He also offered to support her continuing costs of using LPG. Thanking Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan for the thoughtful gift, Mahindra said that this development was superb. 


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