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IIT Ropar’s Startup Company Creates World's First Plant-based Smart Air Purifier

IIT Ropar director Prof. Rajeev Ahuja claims that Ubreathe Life performs exceptionally well in testing by reducing pollutants in the air within 15 minutes.

Plant-Based Air Purifier created by IIT Ropar startup called Urban Air Laboratories


IIT Ropar's startup Urban Air Laboratory, in collaboration with Delhi University, has created a plant-based indoor air purifier called Ubreathe Life. Unlike other air purifiers, Ubreathe Life amplifies air purification by taking into use natural leafy plants like Snake Plant, Spider Plants and Peace Lily. The creators also claim that the device can remove particulate matter, gaseous and biological containments and increase oxygen levels in indoor conditions. Keep reading to know more about the plant-based air purifier by an IIT Startup. 

Indian startup developed a smart plant-based air purifier

IIT Ropar director Prof. Rajeev Ahuja claims that Ubreathe Life performs exceptionally well in testing by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, bringing down the Air Quality Index from 311 to 39 in 15 minutes of usage. Additionally, Prof. Ahuja also says that IIT is capable of producing the product on a large scale. The company behind the device claims it to be the world's first Smart Bio-Filter, and it uses state-of-the-art technology to purify the air in an indoor space. 

How plant-based air purifier works?

Ubreathe Life actually has a living, breathing plant as a part of the air purification device. After installing the device in a room, the air in the room comes in contact with the leaves of the plant and goes to the soil-root zone where maximum pollutants are purified. The new technology used in the plant-based purifier is called Urban Munnar Effect. Additionally, the breathing roots amplify the phytoremediation process of the plants. The purifier effectively improves air quality within a short time of being installed in a room. 

As mentioned earlier, plant-based air purifier removes particulate, gaseous and other biological contaminants while increasing oxygen levels indoors. The device uses specific plants, UV disinfection and a stack of Pre-filter, charcoal filter and high-efficiency particulate air filter, all fit in a wooden box upon which the plant is soiled. Additionally, there is a centrifugal fan that creates a low-pressure area inside the device developing suction and releasing purifying air in all directions, which is formed at the roots of the plant in the device. Air quality has become one of the most crucial aspects of healthy living, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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