IMPACT: BJP's Assam Govt To Take Action Against Sharjeel Imam's 'break India' Threat

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BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday raised Republic TV's newsbreak and said that govt will register a case against Sharjeel Imam for his seditious remark

Written By Jay Pandya | Mumbai | Updated On:

Assam State Minister and BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday, in a news conference, raised Republic TV's newsbreak which exposed former JNUSU member and Shaheen Bagh Coordination committee chief Sharjeel Imam who was seen instructing Muslims in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh on Friday to cut off Assam from India by blocking the railways, roads. The Assam Minister stated that the state government has taken cognizance of Imam's statement and has decided to register a case against him.

'He has given a very very seditious statement'

Himanta Biswa Sarma said, "Today morning, Republic has broken a story regarding Assam. In this story, it has been stated that one person named Sharjeel Imam who is said to be the main organiser of Shaheen Bagh protest in New Delhi has threatened that Assam will be cut off from rest of India. He has given a very very seditious statement that Assam needs to be cut off from entire India and that will be a lesson to the people of India."

'We are going to bring this person to law'

He added, "State government has taken cognizance of this statement and this statement aims to create a law and order situation in the state of Assam. There has been a lot of wrong things has been said that in Assam, Bengali Hindus and Muslims are being killed, so on this statement, state government has decided to register a case against this particular individual and we are going to pursue this case and we are going to bring this person to law so that he can be punished in accordance with our law." 

Making it clear that, "Nobody has the authority to say that Assam will be cut out of India, Sarma said, "I have said this so many times that this entire agitation whether it is Shaheen Bagh or in rest of India, this has been fan out by certain members of a certain community who wants to destroy India, who want to create another Pakistan out of India so we have to remain vigilant and people of northeast and people of Assam will not allow anybody to take or create Assam out of India. That means Assam is an integral part of India."

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Sharjeel Imam: 'Cut off Assam from India'

In the video, Imam says, "If we have five lakh organised people then we can cut the North-east from rest of India. Our responsibility is to cut Assam from India then Government will hear our voice. If we have to help Assam then we will have to cut Assam from rest of India.“ Sharjeel Imam has posted a post on Facebook and said, “The model of Shaheen Bagh protest is of Road Blockade, rest are secondary, understand the difference between chakka jam (Road Blockade) and dharna (Protest), Do protest in every city, tell the people about the chakka jam (Road Blockade), and then prepare and sit on the National Highways.”

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Republic Sting exposes real motive

In an explosive sting, Republic TV had exposed the real intentions behind the Shaheen Bagh ‘protests’ as Sharjeel Imam, the chief conspirator of anti-India propaganda at Shaheen Bagh was caught saying on camera that the original plan was to organise a protest for one day to try and block major roads to attract the ‘western media’. Stung by Republic TV's News editor Amit Chaudhary, Imam claimed that 60-70 students had distributed pamphlets around Delhi to organise the protests which began on December 15 at Shaheen Bagh. Currently, Shaheen Bagh is witnessing many protests mainly led by Muslim women but is being increasingly taken over by political parties.

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