Imran Khan Red-faced As Residents In PoK Raise 'Go Back Niazi' Slogans

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While Pakistan PM Imran Khan was addressing a rally in PoK to show “solidarity” with the people of Kashmir; residents raised slogans of “Go back Niazi, go back"

Written By Tejinder Singh Sodhi | Mumbai | Updated On:

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was left red-faced when, during a rally that he was addressing in Muzaffarabad, which is the capital of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), the people, those who were coerced to attend it, revolted against Pakistan and raised slogans saying that they want to join India.

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Anti Imran Khan slogans

The truth has finally come out in open, and despite the Pakistan army resorting to all sort of atrocities and stringent measures to curb their voice, the residents of PoK have raised a flag of revolt against Pakistani rule.

In an ironic turn of events, while Pakistan PM Imran Khan was addressing a rally in Muzaffarabad to show “solidarity” with the people of Kashmir; residents of PoK instead raised slogans of “Go back Niazi, go back”. Niazi is Imran Khan's surname. 

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The slogans that were caught on camera also mentioned that Kashmir (referring to PoK) wants to become a part of India.

Sources say that as soon as the residents of PoK raised anti-Imran Khan slogans, the police and army resorted to lathi-charge on the people and also arrested over 250 people including women and children.

“By holding such a rally in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Pakistan wanted to show that people of Kashmir are with them, but that is not the case people of PoK have shown what they want,” a source in the security establishment said. He was quoted saying that the people in PoK were fed up with the atrocities committed on them by the Pakistan army and they no longer wanted to live under the boots of the Pakistani military.

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Atrocities against residents in PoK

In the past few days, several videos from PoK have emerged in which the residents of PoK are seen raising slogans against the Pakistani army as they no longer want to be used as cannon fodder by them. The senior Army officer claimed that a few days ago, Pakistan army brought a large number of civilians near the LoC in Nowshera sector, but the Indian army exercised maximum restraint and did not fire at them.

“Pakistan army is conducting night raids in PoK, bundling the people in army trucks and leaving them near the Line of control. After that, Pakistan army resorts to ceasefire violation, anticipating that in India’s retaliation, those civilians would be killed and Pakistan can then use their death to malign India’s image” a senior army officer told Republic.

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Every day, people across PoK are holding protests against the Pakistani army, to raise a voice against the night raids that they are conducting to use civilians as cannon fodder.

“We saw one such video from PoK, where people were chanting slogans against Pakistan army telling them to vacate Kashmir, they were also raising slogans against the Pakistan army saying that it was Pakistan army that was responsible for all type of terrorism,” the officer said.

Human rights activists from PoK are also of the opinion that Pakistan is committing atrocities on residents in PoK and that the global community should take note of it.

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Jamil Maqbool, a human rights defender from Pakistan occupied Kashmir, recently spoke at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva, wherein he exposed Pakistan over its Human Rights violations in POK.

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