In Assam, Rahul Gandhi Launches Derogatory Attack At RSS And Their Uniforms

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Congress president Rahul Gandhi attacked the ruling Narendra Modi government at the Centre while addressing a rally in Guwahati, Assam, amid the CAA protests

Written By Devarshi mankad | Mumbai | Updated On:

Congress president Rahul Gandhi attacked the ruling Narendra Modi government at the Centre while addressing a rally in Guwahati, Assam. He said that the Prime Minister has been dividing the country, but the country, especially the people of Assam will not allow it to be run by a few 'chaddiwallas - a derogatory reference to the Khaki of the RSS.

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'Will not allow Assam's culture to be attacked'

The Wayanad MP said, "We will not allow the BJP and the RSS to attack the history, culture, language of Assam. Assam will not be run by Nagpur. The RSS 'chaddiwallas' will not run Assam. The people of Assam will run the state right from here."

Taking on the Prime Minister on the economic front and on CAA, the former Congress chief said, "The whole world has recognized that the economy is the power of India. Modi destroyed the power of Mother India by implementing demonetization, GST. Modi doesn't say anything about this, his job is only to divide the people of India and spread hatred. Modi talked about 2 crore jobs, given to how many?"

He continued, "Today our youth are wandering in search of employment. They implemented demonetization by saying they want to fight black money. Instead, they took money out of your pockets and gave crores to their industrialist friends. I want to ask how much debt of farmers was waived off?. The goal is to fight the people of India and the people of Assam and hand over the entire money to the same 10-15 industrialists. This is the work of Narendra Modi."

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He also defended his remarks on how the CAA is a "tax on the poor", which will be plagued by corruption. Gandhi stated that the exercise is meant to take money from the poor and fill the pockets of 15-20 industrialist friends of the government.

This is the third instance in 24 hours when he has claimed that the CAA and NRC are a corrupt exercise meant for the benefit of industrialists. 

These claims have however been refuted by Union Minister Prakash Javadekar, who said that Gandhi's comments were false and that his statement qualified for the 'lie of the year'.

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