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"Have that gratitude.." Independence Day: Soldier's Wife Pays Poetic Tribute To India's Heroes Serving At Siachen

Shruti Nayak Sharma, a writer, poet, and wife of Col. Rajiv Sharma, who is serving India at Siachen, expressed her struggle through some emotional poems.

Image: Republicworld

As India pays homage to its heroes on the auspicious occasion of its 74th Independence Day, Republic Media Network exclusively talked to the wife of one such champion, who has been guiding the countrymen, standing tall at Siachen. 

Shruti Nayak Sharma, who is herself a part of the great service her husband Col. Rajiv Sharma is providing, expressed her struggle through some moving and beautiful poems that she penned down in tribute to Indian soldiers. In conversation with Republic, Sharma talked about how proud she is to be the wife of an army man and how marriage changed her as a writer and a poet. 

She underlined the positivity that is needed in today's time and urged citizens to think twice before speaking against the country. 

"When people criticize our country they need to remember that they are criticising themselves as they are a part of it. Today we have social media and people need to think twice before making fun of the country for any reason because the cause might be us only. Everyone should have that gratitude," explained Shruti Nayak Sharma. 

"Proud to be an Armyman's wife"

While asserting that the Army has changed her as a professional writer and poet, Shruti expressed pride at being the wife of Col. Rajiv Sharma. Answering a question on what inspires her beautiful poetry, Shruti said that words just flow when she thinks about the soldiers who are serving India at minus 30-degree Celcius to protect the country's citizens. "No one can understand what Army wives go through," she said. 

Explaining her struggle, the writer said that she has taken everything positively. 

"Every two years we have to shift, I have seen places where there is no flour, have seen places from where people travel for 6 kilometers to have a team but I have taken it all positively while realising I have seen important parts of India," mentioned Shruti. 

In her concluding remarks, the Army personnel's wife recited another emotional verse named 'Sone ki Chidiya' based on the golden time of India and appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech on Independence Day where he talked about the present times being the right time for development.

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