Independence Day Speech: PM Modi Eyes 'One Nation-One Poll' After Achieving 'One Nation-One Constitution'

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India is celebrating the 73rd Independence Day on Thursday. After hoisting the National flag at the Red Fort, Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation.

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India is celebrating the 73rd Independence Day on Thursday. After hoisting the National flag at the Red Fort, Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation. Beginning his speech after paying tribute to the martyrs and those who fought for the freedom of the nation, he said that within 10 weeks, the new government acted on all walks of society. He said that when he is addressing the nation, he is proud to say that after the abrogation of Article 370, this country is under One Nation, One Constitution. 

He went on to speak about the concept of 'One Nation' in a variety of spheres:

PM Modi said: "When I am addressing the nation on its 73rd Independence Day, I can proudly say that this country is One Nation, One Constitution, every Indian can say this today. We are on the path of making Sardar sahab's 'one nation' dream. It is necessary that we make such arrangements that strengthens the unity of the nation, it is important that we emphasize on things that work as cementing force. And this process should go on and on. Through GST we made one nation one tax. A few days ago, we made one nation one grid, similarly, we made one nation, one mobility card. Now we are discussing on one nation, one poll, it should be discussed democratically. So that one day, the dream of One Nation Best Nation (Ek desh, Sresth desh) dream comes true. We have to connect many such things to make it happen. The country has to achieve new heights."

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What is 'One Nation One Poll'?

One Nation one poll is the concept of simultaneous elections that is simultaneous Lok Sabha and state assembly elections. If 'One Nation One Poll' is implemented then:

  • All state polls will be held simultaneously
  • State polls and general elections will be synchronized
  • More governance, less disruption
  • Massive savings for the exchequer
  • No exhausting of resources for repeated polls
  • Better utilization of security resources
  • Mitigating scope for dirty campaigns
  • Polarisation won't be a bi-annual affair
  • A boost in long-term productivity of both houses

2019 General elections:

This is PM Modi's first Independence Day speech after winning a magnificent mandate in elections 2019. The BJP won a huge mandate in the Lok Sabha Polls 2019. The nation gave a clear verdict to the NDA. With counting of votes for Lok Sabha elections,the NDA won 353 seats. The 2019 elections saw high-octane electric campaigning from both sides as the BJP went hammer and tongs, expressing confidence at each turn that it would not only repeat but also better its tally of 282 votes from five years earlier, whereas the Congress and other Opposition parties, also campaigned heavily though without being able to make any convincing show of unity.

Here is the moment of flag hoisting ceremony at the Red Fort:

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President Ram Nath Kovind addressed the nation on the eve of Independence Day

President Ram Nath Kovind had addressed the nation ahead of the 73rd Independence Day on Wednesday and paid tribute to the martyrs who had sacrificed their lives in winning freedom for the country. President Kovind invoked the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi and Guru Nanak to inspire the Indians and said that the country largely functioned even today according to the ideals of the father of the nation. 

In his address on the eve of Independence Day, President Kovind said, “We are a young country, a society increasingly defined and shaped by our youth. The energies of our young are being channelized in so many directions – in a quest for excellence from sport to science, from scholarship to soft skills. This is heart-warming. Nevertheless, the greatest gift we can give our young and our coming generations is to encourage and institutionalise a culture of curiosity – especially in the classroom. Let us listen to our children – for through them the future whispers to us.” 

Apart from the youth, President spoke about various other topics, like the revocation of Article 370, the bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir, the successful elections this year, the importance of unity among the people, the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, infrastructure development and more. 

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