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Independence Day Speech: PM Modi Lists 10-week-old Govt's Achievements, Says '2019 Tenure Is To Fulfil Dreams Of Citizens'

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:


  • India is celebrating its 73rd Independence Day on Thursday
  • PM Modi addressed the nation after hoisting the flag at Red Fort, New Delhi
  • PM Modi enlisted the achievements of his 10 weeks old government

With India celebrating its 73rd Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday addressed the nation from the Red Fort in New Delhi. Beginning his speech after hoisting the Tricolour, the Prime Minister first paid tribute to the martyrs and those who fought for the freedom of the nation. He went on to state that within 10 weeks, his new government had taken various steps forward in all spheres of society. He said that the new government is dedicated towards the welfare of the citizens and that their commitment is to make the dreams of citizens true. The Prime Minister then enlisted all the steps taken by his government within 10 weeks.

The Prime Minister said the following:

  1. "Within 10 weeks, Article 370 was abrogated, 35- A was abrogated, this was a dream of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and we fulfilled it." 
  2. "We gave justice and right to our Muslim sisters and mothers by abolishing the Triple Talaq practice and making a stringent rule against it."
  3. "We strengthened the laws against terror. Our government made the UAPA laws and other laws stronger by amending them so that we can fight with terror is an efficient manner." 
  4. "Pradhan Mantri Samman Nidhi: We transferred 90,000 crore rupees to the accounts of our farmer brothers and sisters."
  5. "Our farmers and small scale business never imagined that they can get pension, at an old age after 60 years, at their last stage when their body is unable to work, they never thought that they can sit at ease and rest. But we provided pension yojana to them."
  6. "Water Scarcity: We talk about water scarcity but to deal with it we have made the Jal Shakti Mantralay so that both state and Centre can work together. "
  7. "There is a need for doctors and medical facilities in our country. Medical education is also much needed - we have made many important laws to strengthen that sector."
  8. "Atrocities are being committed against children all around the world. But India has not left their children. We made stringent laws to stop the atrocity against children."

The Prime Minister then said that the tenure of 2014 - 2019 was to fulfil the basic necessities of the weaker section and the govt has effectively done so. he then added that the tenure from 2019 is the tenure of fulfilling the dreams of the citizens. PM Modi said that they have prepared a blueprint of how India should be in this 21st century and they are committed towards it and taking a step every day to fulfil it. He thanked the nation to give an opportunity to serve them. 

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Here is the moment of flag hoisting ceremony at the Red Fort:

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President Ram Nath Kovind addressed the nation on the eve of Independence Day

President Ram Nath Kovid had addressed the nation ahead of the 73rd Independence Day on Wednesday and paid tribute to the martyrs who had sacrificed their lives in winning freedom for the country. President Kovind invoked the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi and Guru Nanak to inspire the Indians and said that the country largely functioned even today according to the ideals of the father of the nation. 

In his address on the eve of Independence Day, President Kovind said, “We are a young country, a society increasingly defined and shaped by our youth. The energies of our young are being channelized in so many directions – in a quest for excellence from sport to science, from scholarship to soft skills. This is heart-warming. Nevertheless, the greatest gift we can give our young and our coming generations is to encourage and institutionalise a culture of curiosity – especially in the classroom. Let us listen to our children – for through them the future whispers to us.” 

Apart from the youth, President spoke about various other topics, like the revocation of Article 370, the bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir, the successful elections this year, the importance of unity among the people, the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, infrastructure development and more. 

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