India-China Boundary Issue: China's Ambassador Pitches For Dialogue

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China’s ambassador to India Sun Weidong stated that the key to finding a solution to the India-China boundary dispute was through dialogue and consultation.

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Speaking about the India-China boundary issue on Wednesday, October 9, China’s ambassador to India Sun Weidong stated that the key was to find a solution through dialogue and consultation. He observed that it was a very complex and sensitive issue. Weidong highlighted the mechanism via which both countries had completed 21 rounds of talks to work towards settlement of the boundary issue. He also emphasized the need to maintain peace and tranquillity in the border areas. Highlighting the maturity of the leadership of India and China, he observed that people’s well-being was the foremost priority for them.  

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He said, “Look, the China-India boundary issue is a complex and sensitive issue that left over from history. Since the establishment of the Special Representative Meeting on the Boundary Question in the year 2003, the two sides have held 21 rounds of talks which have played an important role in promoting the settlement of the boundary question and to maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas. So at the present, following the important consensus of our leaders, to properly handle the boundary question and to promote the growth of bilateral relations and with their political guidance, the two sides have been pushing forward their special representatives' meeting process, bearing in mind the overall bilateral ties and people’s wellbeing.” 

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‘Normal for neighbours to have differences’ 

Showcasing a practical approach, Weidong noted that it was normal for neighbouring countries to have problems. Furthermore, he pointed out that not a single bullet had been fired at the border. While admitting the necessity to have a mutually acceptable solution, he advised against letting the dispute affect the larger spectrum of the bilateral relationship between the two nations. 

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“And, we are striving for a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable solution to the boundary question. And before the final settlement of the boundary question, we need to jointly maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas. Here, I will like to point out that it is normal for neighbours to have differences. The key is to properly handle the differences and find a solution through dialogue and consultation. With the joint efforts made by the two sides during the last decades, no single bullet has been fired at the China-India boundary area and peace and tranquility has been maintained. Boundary question is only part of China India relations. We need to keep it in the larger picture of China-India relations and our fundamental issues and not to let the boundary dispute affect the normal development of bilateral relations," China's ambassador to India stated.

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