'India Like America's Birthmother' Explains Ravi Batra On Indo-US Ties

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Ravi Batra heaped praises for PM Narendra Modi, India and the bonhomie between India-US, by citing explorer and navigator Christopher Columbus/

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Ravi Batra, Chairman, National Advisory Council, South Asian Affairs, heaped praises for PM Narendra Modi, India and the bonhomie between India and United States of America by citing explorer Christopher Columbus at the extravagant Howdy Modi event in Houston on Sunday. Speaking to Republic TV, Ravi Batra called India the 'birthmother' of America. 

Asserting that 'every head of the state' watched the mega Houston event, the Batra said that the coming together of the United States and India was awaited since 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered America. 

He said, "I assure you, every head of state was watching across the world what happened in Houston. What they say, was a combination and coming together of India and the US, what was waiting since 1492. 1492 is when Christopher Columbus discovered America when looking for India. If he didn't come looking for India, there would be no America. So, India has always been almost like the birth mother of America, and yet it has taken this trip for that maternity ward to deliver this healthy relationship. We've gone through the cold war, finally, India set itself right."

"We always wanted India as a best friend of the US, but India was on the wrong side of history. But it reset itself. Prime Minister Modi has really reset India. For Narendra Modi on stage in Houston to introduce the American President was beyond sovereign orgasm because it was unbelievable," he added. 

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India-USA bonhomie

During his address at Houston, PM Modi emphasized that Trump is strongly supporting India in the battle against terrorism. The audience gave a standing ovation to President Trump. Modi also underscored his government's push for development in India, saying it is the most "discussed" word in the country as his government is "aiming high and achieving higher". Addressing the cheering crowd, Modi said the presence of such a big gathering is not confined to arithmetic and that people are seeing new history and chemistry being made.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi introduced President Trump to the Indian-Americans at the mega event as a very "special person" whose presence at the event signals India has a true friend at the White House. "From CEO to Commander-in-Chief, from boardrooms to the Oval Office, from studios to the global stage, from politics to the economy and to security, he has left a deep and lasting impact everywhere,"

Modi said with Trump standing alongside him. Modi said he met Trump a few times and every time he has been warm, friendly, accessible, energetic and full of wit. "And I can say I had a chance to meet him often and every time I found the friendliness, the warmth, and the energy," he said. "We in India have connected well to him," he said, adding "Abki Baar Trump Sarkar".

Howdy Modi

US President Donald Trump speaking at the mega Houston event of Sunday, shared his affection for PM Narendra Modi and India, as a nation. The US President called PM Modi as America's greatest, most loyal friend and said that PM Modi is doing an exceptional job for India.

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