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India Rejects Section 377: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Comes Out In Support

Written By Shreya Thakur | Mumbai | Published:


  • A 5-judge bench unanimously held Section 377 (to the extent of sexual acts between consenting adults) as unconstitutional.
  • The spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is amongst the very few 21st century ring-bearers, who has been vocal about his support.

Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar came out in support of the much-awaited verdict on section 377 by Supreme Court earlier on Thursday, September 6. Gay sex is not a Crime in India anymore after the Supreme Court decriminalised homosexuality saying it's irrational and gays, lesbians, transgenders bisexuals should have equal participation in the society. 

Popular celebrities extended their support on various digital platforms and now Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has expressed his views by taking to his Twitter handle. "Letting go of obsolete laws, keeping up with a scientific temper and honouring people’s choices has strengthened our democracy. #Section377", he said. 

Check out his tweet here:

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The spiritual leader is amongst the very few 21st-century ring-bearers, who has been vocal about his support since quite some time now, however, he has been trolled for his views on this subject in the past. More often than not, he has shared how homosexuality is not a crime and that to brand a person as a criminal based on sexual preference would be absurd but there was a time when he put a foot in his mouth by calling homosexuality a phase. It might not have been the most articulate way of phrasing his idea about gender and sexual orientation fluidity and he received a lot of flak for it. 

Take a look at his tweets here:

"This is your tendency now. Just acknowledge it and accept it, and know that this tendency is not a permanent thing. It may change. I’ve seen many men who were gay, later on, turn into heterosexuals, and there are those who are normal — what are called straight people — end up being gay later in life." he said in a conference at Jawaharlal Nehru University. 

Sonam Kapoor gave him a befitting reply with her tweet following the spiritual leader's tweets. She said, "Homosexuality is not a 'tendency' it's something you are born as and is absolutely NORMAL. To tell someone you can change is irresponsible."

Check out her tweet here:

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Following verdicts by four judges, with Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra speaking on behalf of Justice Khanwilkar, the 5-judge bench unanimously held Section 377 (to the extent of sexual acts between consenting adults) as unconstitutional. While pronouncing his verdict, CJI Dipak Misra said that sustenance of identity is one’s right and that “protecting one’s identity and one’s privacy are the important pillars of the Constitution.” India has welcomed a fresh wave of change with this new verdict.