India Takes Pakistan Down At UNHRC, Says 'world Can't Be Fooled'

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First Secretary MEA Vimarsh Aryan took down Pakistan at the UNHRC over its interference in the internal matters of India over recent developments in J&K.

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Updated On:

First Secretary MEA Vimarsh Aryan used the Right to Reply at the UNHRC session in Geneva on Tuesday and took down Pakistan over its interference in the internal matters of India over the recent developments in Jammu and Kashmir. Vimarsh Aryan, speaking on behalf of India at the UNHRC, set the record straight in his statement that J&K remains an internal matter of India, adding that Pakistan is raising false fabricated narrative on the matter. He stated that Pakistan understands that India's decisions have created hurdles for the neighbouring country in its sponsorship of cross-border terrorism. 

"We are not surprised with Pakistan's hysterical statements with false fabricated narrative to politicise and polarise this forum. Pakistan realises that our recent decision cuts the very ground from under its feet by creating obstacles in its continuous sponsorship of cross-border terrorism against India. In its desperate mind frame, some Pakistan leaders have even called for jihad and to encourage violence, both with inside Jammu and Kashmir and to third world countries, in order to paint a picture of genocide which even they know is far from reality," Vimarsh Aryan said at UNHRC in Geneva. 

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'Pakistan pretending to speak for global community' 

While a large section of the global community stands with India on its decisions for Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan has been claiming to be a voice of global community on human rights. Slamming Pakistan in the matter, the Indian diplomat reminded the neighbouring country about its treatment and elimination of religious and ethnic minorities. 

"Pakistan has pretended to speak as a voice of the global community on human rights, but the world cannot be fooled. Pakistan's record speaks for itself. This rhetoric will not distract international attention from Pakistan's persecution and elimination of religious and ethnic minorities," he added. 

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While Pakistan was backing on Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for its support at UNHRC, Vimarsh Aryan refuted the OIC, adding that it has no locus standi to comment on India's internal affairs. Maintaining that J&K has and will always be an integral part of India, he added that it defies Pakistan's claims to be the voice of "unnamed countries on human rights". He further reminded Pakistan that "terrorism is the worst form of human rights abuse".

"As regards to OIC, it has no locus standi to comment on India's internal affairs. J&K has been, is and shall continue to be an integral part of India. Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh will continue to progress and prosper along with the rest of India. It defies credibility that Pakistan which is the epicentre of global terrorism is claiming to speak on behalf of unnamed other countries on human rights. It forgets that terrorism is the worst form of human rights abuse," Vimarsh Aryan added. 

Earlier, India's MEA Secretary East Vijay Thakur Singh smashed Pakistan's lies and exposed the country on an international forum even as she did not name the country. 

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