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India Tells Pakistan, 'high Time You Stopped Interfering In Our Internal Matters', Amid Global Pak Snub Over J&K

MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar sent a strong signal to Pakistan which has attempted to internationalise India's internal matter of integration of Jammu and Kashmir.

In a briefing to the media on Friday, MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar sent a strong signal to Pakistan which has attempted to internationalise India's internal matter of integration of Jammu and Kashmir. In a terse message, Kumar said that it was high time Pakistan stops interfering in internal matters of India and should accept the reality. The MEA spokesperson also said that India will take steps if Pakistan continues to attempt to bring in global parties' attention into India's internal affairs.

"It is clear that the attempt of Pakistan to present an alarming picture of the bilateral ties with India and also linking unrelated issues of the sovereign matters of India has not succeeded anywhere. We have briefed a number of for government, we have explained our position in this matter and international organisation and we have told them the Constitution is a sovereign matter. What we have done completely relates to the internal affairs of India.

"We strongly feel that there will now be opportunities available for development which was denied by the temporary provision in the Constitution and I think it is very important to highlight that it was only a temporary provision. As I mentioned it will strengthen democratic forces on the ground and will increase tourism activities and many other activities which will come out from the measures which have been taken. We feel that the steps have been taken keeping in mind of the bright future of Jammu and Kashmir. Beyond that, as and when Pakistan decides to internationalise it we will see what steps need to be taken. It is high time for Pakistan to accept reality and stop interfering in the internal affairs of India."

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MEA on Pakistan downgrading ties with India

He also spoke about steps taken by the neighbouring country with relation to ties with India and said that they were unilateral. He said that Pakistan has not closed airspace for India. "Action taken by Pakistan is unilateral ie it took action without consulting us. We have asked them to reconsider the decision." 

On being asked about the Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan, he said, "He is not in Delhi. We have requested Pakistan for review of their decision. The timing of his return will be determined later."

After reports of normalcy being restored in Kashmir came, a panicky and isolated Pakistan expelled Indian envoy Ajay Bisaria from the country. As per sources, Pakistan has also decided to not send its High Commissioner-designate who was supposed to take charge in August. In a series of other moves by the neighbouring country, it has decided to downgrade ties with India. It has also decided to suspend bilateral trade with India and review all bilateral arrangements with India. Pakistan has also said that it will take India's internal matter of Kashmir to United Nations, including the Security Council. It has also decided to observe 14 August, its Independence Day in solidarity with 'Kashmiris'. and declared August 15, India's Independence as 'Black Day'.

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