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Indian Navy Gets Its First Indigenous Fuze For Underwater Anti-submarine Warfare Rocket

The Indian Navy received its first made-in-India fuze for underwater Anti-submarine warfare rocket manufactured. EEL CMD Nuwal handed over the first consignment

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Image: SpokespersonNavy (@indiannavy)/ twitter

The Indian Navy received its first made-in-India fuze for underwater Anti-submarine warfare rocket. EEL CMD Nuwal handed over the first consignment manufactured by the private Indian industry. The Indian Navy said that it was the first time it placed an order for underwater anti-submarine warfare from private industry.

The Union cabinet earlier signed a contract with Larsen and Turbo (L&T) for the acquisition of three cadetships for the cost of Rs 3,108.9 crore. It is under the category BUY(Indian Indigenously designed, developed and manufactured) category. The ship's delivery will commence in 2026.

What is anti-submarine warfare?

Anti-Submarine warfare is a branch of underwater warfare which uses surface warships, aircraft, submarines and other platforms to find, track, deter, damage and destroy underwater submarines. Successful anti-submarine warfare operations involve a combination of sensors and weapon technologies. Sophisticated SONAR equipment is used to detect, classify, locate and track a targeted Submarine. In the modern era Forward looking infrared (FLIER) detectors are used to track large plumes of heat that fast nuclear-powered submarines leave while rising to the surface. FLIER devices are also used to see periscopes or snorkels at night whenever a submariner might be incautious enough to probe the surface.

The Indian Navy in a tweet wrote “VAdm SN Ghormade #VCNS, received the first consignment of indigenous fuze YDB-60 for the Anti Submarine Rocket RGB-60, manufactured for the #first time by private industry- M/s Economic Explosives Ltd, Nagpur. #AtmanirbharBharat@makeinIndia.

First order for underwater ammunition fuzes to an Indian private firm

This is for the first time the Navy has ordered Underwater ammunition Fuzes with an Indian Private Sector industry. EEL, Nagpur CMD Satyanaryan Nuwal handed over the first consignment of the fuse to Vice Admiral Sn Ghormade, Vice Chief Of Naval Staff (VCONS). The Indian navy said that all technical assistance will be provided to the manufacturers towards creating a vibrant ecosystem.

The Indian Naval Chief said that the development and manufacture of such a fuze by private industry for the first time using simulated dynamic trial facilities is a major boost to the Aatma Nirbharta of the Armed Forces of the country. He also said that this development is a major achievement for the country.

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