Ira Trivedi Snaps Back At Chetan Bhagat In A Series Of Tweets Post Email Proof

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Author Ira Trivedi called out renowned writer Chetan Bhagat and shared her #MeToo story through an online news portal.

Written By Shreya Thakur | Mumbai | Updated On:

Author Ira Trivedi called out renowned writer Chetan Bhagat and shared her #MeToo story through an online news portal. She previously alleged that he made a pass at her in the room and tried to plant a kiss on her lips to which she laughed, not knowing what else to do. In an exclusive interaction with Republic TV previously, she was quoted saying that she called out the 'Five Point Someone' author for behaving inappropriately with her over the past decade. 

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Chetan, who took to his social media handle to share an excerpt of their conversation over mail, asked Ira in the post to not harm a movement with fake charges saying. Read his post below: 

In the recent turn of events, Ira shared her side of the story via series of tweets saying, "As much as I think Bhagat’s tactics don’t even deserve a response, I think it is only right to put the truth out there. That’s after all what got me here. Pulling out emails out of context and twisting friendly pop-culture SALUTATIONS into signals and intentions, attempting to defile me to a political crony or an entitled “child” just show how pathetic and vindication Bhagat’s “defense” is. Let’s also set facts straight. I did not invite him to this book launch. Gumrah is a TV show on Channel V. The channel had commissioned me to write short stories based on their content and how to write the forward. We were both approached and paid separately to launch the book. But then again why would men like Bhagat and MK Akbar let the facts get in the way of their outright lies? Unfortunately, for the millions of women who have had to deal with such men, our most prized assets — our self-respect and self-esteem — were constantly at risk."


She concluded her comment sharing a piece she wrote recently. 



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The country is witnessing a historic movement taking place with Bollywood at its epicentre as women from all walks of life come forward to share their #MeToo stories. Celebrities like Tanushree Dutta, Kangana Ranaut are amidst others who have gone ahead and poured their hearts out to the media. 

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